Mark Lyken

Mark Lyken 

Borrowed View


Thursday 12th November, 6pm – 6.30pm
Friday, 13th November, 12pm – 12.30pm

A sound collage of audio snapshots sent from around the world captured on phones and digital recorders in response to lockdown.The recordings were used as source material for a live performance from Lyken’s Dumfriesshire studio, with additional processing and fragments of sound overdubbed later.

A mesostic poem accompanies the piece, written using the index letters R, A, D, I, O, P, H, R, E, N, I, A to select fragments of text from the descriptions that accompanied the recordings.If you would like to read the mesostic as you listen, it can be viewed here

Mark: Edit, text, mix, processing

Collaborators:theta (Tromso, Norway), Colm McAuliffe (London, England), Alan Currall (Wanlockhead, Scotland), Anonymous (New Orleans, Louisiana), Ruaridh Law (Paisley, Scotland), Lee Ming-Yu  (Taipei, Taiwan), Alicia Hood (Burnhead, Scotland), Matt Atkins (London, England), Garry Maclennan (London, England), VEX (Dundee, Scotland), Abby Carter (Edinburgh, Scotland), Erlend Tait (Black Isle, Scotland), Jana Robert (Glasgow, Scotland), Jos Smolders (Tilburg, Netherlands), Jason Moyes (Borders, Scotland), Kate Davies (Shap, Scotland), Ian Watson – (Cardiff, Wales), Amy Whiten – (Portincaple, Scotland), Stephen Skrynka (Glasgow, Scotland),  Ros Fraser (Glasgow, Scotland), Aura Lynx (Bloomington, Indiana), Nadia Jones (Glasgow, Scotland), Skoddie (Tustin, California), Pete Smith (Edinburgh, Scotland), Lucy Parnell (Moniaive, Scotland), Emma Dove (Tokyo, Japan), Jackie Paper (Glasgow, Scotland), Dominic Khoo (North Region, Singapore), Jim Colquhoun (Bonnyrigg, Scotland), Tommy Perman (By Kinross, Scotland), Leonie Berman (Penpont, Scotland), Florencia García Chafuén (Lake Mergozzo, Italy), L.A.W (Dundee, Scotland)