Strange Strangers

Saturday, 21st November

At 2pm today, sound artist, Pablo Sanz presents his Phonurgia Nova Award winning soundscape work, ‘Strange Strangers’.

Based on environmental recordings along the territories of Amanã and Mamirauá, in central Amazônia, strange strangers focuses on unusual listening perspectives (above, underwater, and ultrasound), inviting us to listen to (within) a singular world of vitality and non-human otherness. Listening cultivates profound encounters with other beings (life-forms, abiotic terrestrial matters, sounds…), and with our being as an other. 

Commissioned by Czech Radio (Český rozhlas) for R{A}DIO{CUSTICA}, ČRo Vltava. Curator: Ladislav Zelený.

Pablo Sanz is an artist, composer and researcher currently based in Spain and Northern Ireland. His practice is an open-ended investigation of listening, more-than-human agencies and aural vitality, with a focus on the limits of perception and attention, encouraging sensory ecological awareness. His works —site-determined and public art projects, immersive multichannel installations and concerts in the dark, exhibitions, broadcasts and releases — have been experienced internationally in different contexts.