Forest of Violins

Friday 13th November – 7.50am – 9am

This morning on Radiophrenia – a sound journey that explores the musicality of the landscapes of the Val di Fiemme.

All of the voice elements in this piece are in Italian – click here to read along to the translation in French and English as you listen.

Initially, “The violins forest” was a sound art documentary produced for Italian Swiss Radio released in September 2020. Sound artist Benoit Bories spent the whole month of June in the Val di Fiemme in the Dolomites with Francesca Bolognesi, the co-author of this documentary creation. They followed the men of this region sounding out an endemic species of fir tree in order to choose the best specimens to make into violins. By surveying the mountain paths for a month, recording the different sound elements of the environmental and social landscape, collecting anecdotes from the inhabitants on their unique relationship with this location, it seemed natural to develop the documentary into a longer, more musical form – a sound stroll in the Val di Fiemme. “The violin forest”, in this version, tells about the strong bonds between the people of a valley and their closeness with the environment, through the prism of the sense of hearing.