dead beside her son upon a heap of feathers which were scattered over

Friday, 13th November

At 2pm two back-to-back pieces by previous Radiophrenia commissionee, gobscure.

‘dead beside her son upon a heap of feathers which were scattered over’

“a ‘support worker’ once said what dya need books for yr homeless? our revenge was 13 years of reading, graduating from the open university after 13 years. heres experimental radio from fragments including responses to engels condition of the working class (one of the most important course books) – 2020 is 200th anniversary of engels birth. plus 1929 song how can a poor person stand such times & live, music box playing chant des partisans (french resistance anthem) plus (post)-industrial locations engels wrote about. part of our project ‘provoked to madness by the brutality of wealth’ which includes solo show.”

‘night gale’

“nightingales move across europe, africa and asia to sing hard-won songs. woodlands are now managed. there is always is new growth. during our worst sectioning (before that homeless hostel) we could only cope with watching trees yet had to deal with insanities of staff, torn books, press headlines – not word-salad but ward-salad. we finally escaped to sit on a rock in middle of river tees (above middleton-in-tees), watch milky way and sing our version of fiddle and drum (a joni mitchell song we knew only from cassette of june tabor in the eighties). new songs are needed”