Double Goocher Shop

Double Goocher Shop (Renato Grieco and MP Hopkins)

Radio Carrion


Sunday, 15th November, 3pm – 3.30pm
Monday, 16th November, 6pm – 6.30pm

The early 1940’s. Several unconnected people from various locations disappear. They somehow became stuck in a radio field. Since then, the inhabitants of this interference space have had to readjust their social behaviours, re-evaluate their ethics, find a way to live despite disembodiment. Cultural practices have mutated within the magnetic field, including those of burial and remembrance for the dead. During short wave radio explorations, Double Goocher Shop unintentionally captured EVP interactions with these inhabitants. The stereophonic artefact produced by the duo for Radiophrenia explores an anthropological hoax via the metaphysical features of spherics, veering voltages, static electromagnetism, and ghost voice hunting.

How to bury a body without a body?


Cello: Elise Harmsen 

Hand Bells: Stefano Costanzo 

Upright Piano: Jacopo D’Amico 

Radio Carrion is a co-commission between Radiophrenia and Kunstradio Radiokunst for Ö1, Austria.

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