Jeff Gburek

Jeff Gburek

Overwhelming Waves


Wednesday, 11th November, 12pm – 12.50pm
Thursday, 12th November, 3pm – 3.50pm

Overwhelming Waves is an essay in radio signal and radio noise. It is a collage of shortwave radio captures recorded by Jeff Gburek at various locations, some spanning 25 years, recomposed & combined with an spoken word commentary about the meaning of this listening process, the relationship of the earth to the ionosphere and the electro-magnetic resonance of the planet reflected in radio waves where the individual listener is a creative participant, an electroreceptor and transmitter of consciousness. References include Pauline Oliveros, Thomas Ashcraft and Douglas Kahn.

Jeff Gburek is a sound artist & composer who has incorporated radiophonic signals/noises and radio processing in his electro-acoustic works since 1993, when he recorded a series of live shortwave assemblages entitled Radio Wide World in Firenze, Italy. This transformative encounter with an earth-spanning signal system aired marginally: on WFMU and New Mexico’s Aetherfest, and eventually self-published in a 4 cd set in 2003. It was at this time he coined the phrase radiophonography to describe his particular style of field recording and DXing while traveling abroad. Radio Wide World would only be more widely heard in 2011 when younger Chicago-based pirate radio art enthusiasts invited him to present his work as a Radius episode # 11 (, which led to the first reviews of the project. In more recent times, his radio works have been disseminated via Wave Farm in NY and at scattered European art events. He has published for the last 3 years radio-phonographic works, musique concrete and  works via Radiophrenia Glasgow and has held artistic residencies in Indonesia, Berlin, Amsterdam and Brussels. He lives in Poznan currently.