The Islands of the Strangers

Friday 20th November

At 2pm today:

Innse Gall ‘The Islands of the Strangers’ is a companion piece to the film An Dà Shealladh ‘The Two Sights’; a sound focused documentary that cinematically re-connects a disappearing oral tradition to its surroundings.

These two compositions were developed from studies made for the films soundtrack using the same elements: hydrophone and field recordings collected on the islands of Barra, Berneray, North Uist, Harris, & Lewis between 2017-19, collaged and assembled in Ithaca, New York 2017-20.

In the spirit of Glen Gould’s contrapuntal radio documentaries and Luc Ferrari’s Anecdotal Music thework explores the shifting acoustic ecology of the islands interwoven fragments of dialogue, song, and industry.

 Joshua Bonnetta (b.Canada 1979) is an artist and filmmaker working at the edges of documentary across installation, performance, and traditional cinema exhibition.

The companion film to this piece ‘The Two Sights’ is screening at the Alchemy Film Festival live with a Q & A on 17th December, and on demand between 18th and 20th December.