Dyed in the Grain

Tuesday, 17th November

At 2pm today Italian sound artist Renato Rinaldi presents an audio diptych of field recording based works – ‘Dyed in the Grain’ and ‘Planta’ .

In Dyed in the Grain, all sounds are processed from recordings made during the manufacture of ceramic tiles at Florim plant in Sassuolo, Italy. Sounds come from a wide range of operations: from prime material collection to the hammering of the tile for the final test , passing through various types of presses, moulds, printers and ovens.Planta is a stereo reduction of a multichannel audio installation made to be listened in complete darkness.The piece is realised exclusively with sounds derived from the various activities and work flows that take place at the Planta quarry in Menarguens, Spain.

In Planta, the composition is based on the sounds of grains. Generally ‘grains’ are coarse particles such as sand, salt or seeds; food grains, the small, hard, fruits or the crops bearing those seeds. In Planta all the materials, as a result of a process, are in grains: stones, corn, olives, and even gold. The word ‘grain’ has a plethora of meanings and most of those, in one way or another, to me are connected with the flow of time.