A Day in the Life

Tuesday, 17th November:

At 4pm today – ‘A Day in the Life’ with Paragon Music. Artists from Paragon’s Horizons programme invite you to experience their audio worlds and explore the spaces and places that make up a day. This work for radio brings together music, poetry, found sounds and conversations recorded from various locations in Scotland. Paragon Music is an inclusive arts company inspiring people to create and perform their own music and dance. Two important principles within music – equality and inclusion – guide our work, creating inclusive music, dance and performance opportunities that inspire and empower. Paragon creates environments where people from all walks of life and with a wide range of additional support needs, can come together, develop new skills, meet new friends and discover their true potential through dance and music. Paragon’s work is facilitated by highly trained inclusive arts professionals, and has been delivered online since March 2020.