Virtue-is-sic Female Vocality

Monday, 16th November

At 10 o’clock tonight. Jude Browning presents an audio essay with recorded performances by Liv Fontaine and clips from a conversation between Jude Browning and Jessa Mockridge. Jessa discusses the agency of listening and her facilitation of a remote residency at Wysing this summer. The latter part of the programme shares an essay read by Jude, she reflects upon coaching the voice for modes of public address, early monologue performances by Karen Finley and posthuman scholar PatricIa MacCormack’s theory becomings cunt.   

Including performances:  
Liv Fontaine BIG BEEF STEAK, 2020. Part of a current collaboration of dance music with Dirk Brooks  
Liv Fontaine people pleaser, 2019. Featuring music by Ed Stevens recorded live at the Doublet (Glasgow).   
Karen Finley – Yam Jam (Bonus Rap/Beat), 1988  
Karen Finley – It’s My Body (Live), 1996  
Karen Finley – Party Animal, 1989