Wild Tracks Radio

Community agreement on how WildTracksRadio work together – signed by all artists. (c) Khadea Kuchenmeister 2020
Wild Tracks Jamal, Khiana and Khadea recording bubbles. (c) Khadea Kuchenmeister 2020
Tara and Rona recording narrative in their homemade recording booth. (c) Moira Harvey 2020

Sunday 15th November

At 12.30pm today:

Wild Tracks Radio are a group of young artists who have been working remotely with composer and sound editor Richy Carey since the start of lockdown to create their own sci-fi radio plays, using only their phones as recording devices. Here we present two episodes of our plays, Water Walkers and Under Okta in Peril, with an introduction by the artists to some of the themes and the creative processes involved in their works.

Under Okta in Peril – by Tara, Rona and Moira – is about two scientist friends, Pheen and Ultra-* whose planet is plagued by huge sonic disturbances called “The Crescendo”. Can Pheen and Ultra-* find the source of these sounds and heal their home world?

Water Walkers – by Jamal, Khiana and Khadea, with extra voices and Viking chants by Tasha, Toby and Tiana – is about a wonderful watery world called Sokai, and adventures Katra and Kool, who find a crystal in a dungeon with healing powers. Can they use it to help with the storm that’s coming?