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20 November 2020
  • Dai Coelacanth - The Radio Graveyard 2

    20 November 2020 @ 12:00 am - 6:00 am

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    Radiophrenia takes a second trip through the Radio Graveyard. This six-hour transmission may feel like six years or six minutes dependent upon the wig that you are wearing. Hear graveyard sounds from beyond the grave.


  • CWCH collective - Edition 12: Last Wave Standing

    20 November 2020 @ 6:00 am - 7:00 am

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    Worker-artists convene a hive broadcast of indiscriminately gathered sound-pollen, transmitting codified messages to kindred folk. 

    Each week a potent gang of sound artists are at play, exploring whatever is on their minds. Style guide: Anything goes

    Knut Aufermann & Sarah Washington (Ürzig) http://www.mobile-radio.net

    Xentos Fray Bentos (Broughton) http://www.discogs.com/artist/xentos

    Frauke Berg (Düsseldorf) http://www.fraukeberg.de

    Katharina Bihler & Stefan Scheib (Saarbrücken) http://www.liquidpenguin.de

    DinahBird & Jean-Philippe Renoult (Paris) http://www.bird-renoult.net/

    dieb13 (Vienna) http://dieb13.klingt.org

    Lloyd Dunn (Prague) http://www.nula.cc

    Anna Friz(Santa Cruz) http://nicelittlestatic.com

    Lucinda Guy (Buckfastleigh) http://www.trans-techresearch.net/research/phd-research/phd-candidates/lucinda-guy/

    Live broadcast 25th June 2020 on Resonance Extra,Soundart Radio, WGXC, Wave Farm, Radio Tsonami & π-node. Later on RadioARA, JET FM, Radio Panik & Radio Orange.

    Produced by Mobile Radio with support from π-node.


  • Adam Winnie - esik Opus Number 1

    20 November 2020 @ 7:00 am - 7:15 am

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    I’mlooking for sounds which defy logic. These auditory sculptures are born out ofexperimentation, they are not considered music and are not structured as such.I’m interested in the creation sounds which have never been heard by the human earbut which possess power to captivate and hypnotize while gnawing at the skull.They best way to experience them is by limiting all other senses. Inconstructing these experiments in developing new auditory experiences I utilizeboth digital and analog recordings which are passed though many many filters,stretched, pitch shifted, cut and past, resample, re-filtered beyond what theprogram is capable, re-stretched, re-pitched and so on and so forth. From theseamalgamations, selections are chosen and developed further.”


  • Axel Gomo - Rear Window vol 5

    20 November 2020 @ 7:15 am - 8:00 am

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    “Each impro starts more or less from a field recording from my rear window in a small courtyard in the northern area from Paris Montmartre. During the springtime 2020, two young girls from our neighborhood were regularly playing together. I begun to record them from our flat on the fourth floor. listening to nothing else than their small talks and a natural reverb. The girls were happy, their noisy children’s games was a bit of fresh air… One day a deranged man from the building next shouted at them, saying it was against the law and we should all be ‘locked down’. He called the police, who came, but did nothing. Since this incident the girls have been too scared to play in our courtyard, to our regret. From these recording sessions came 7 volumes of ‘Rear Window series’. 



  • Shorts 26

    20 November 2020 @ 8:00 am - 9:00 am

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    1. Action Pyramid –  0.000002 Leagues Under the Lea

    A presentation of sub-aquatic audio discoveries from the River Lea in Hackney, London.

    Often working under the moniker Action Pyramid,Tom Fisher’s practice involves using sound and composition to re-examine and reconsider our surroundings, our part in the wider ecologies of landscapes and how we can think about themes such as ‘environment’ and the relationships between the human and non-human. 

     His work has been featured at LUX, the Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Cafe Oto, The Grant Museum of Zoology, London Transport Museum, the Fjuk Art Center and Husavik Whale Museum in Iceland, as well as on Resonance Fm, Radio Anti, Radiophrenia, and as part of Open City Documentary Festival.


    2. Radio DroogdokPrelude Transition Transmission      

    Soundscape launching Radio Droogdok and series Transition Transmissions: Actively archiving engineers of the imagination, pioneer spirit and in-between spaces Broadcasts from Dutch Docklands to Post-Industrial Stroud Connecting Cultural Free-Havens and Cultural Hubs

    3. Phoebe riley Law – interference of objects (mirror/sweden)     

    a series of performance based works using materials found in situ and small objects,
    responding to place and situation. This piece was recorded during a residency at a
    Folkhögskola in rural Sweden

    currently based in Newcastle and Hull, my work often explores the documentation and
    transformation of materials including sound, text, film and reformatted objects.
    I am interested in reframing and dismantling narrative, subverting perceived normalities
    alongside the construction of personal or social behaviours and the inherent patterns of

    recent work includes performances, screenings and commissions for Ftarri (Tokyo) , BBC
    radio 3, Paradise Air (Japan), LevelOne Hamburg, Funen Denmark, Cafe Oto & Iklektik
    Art Space, Spikersuppa Lydgalleri (Solo), along with residencies at Paradise Air (Japan) &
    Airy Västernorrland (Sweden).     pheoberileylaw.yolasite.com

    4. Ilaria Boffa & Pete Swinton- Till I Tell You to Stop      

    A  reflection on modern times, the Milgram experiment 20 and the moral dilemma between obedience, subjectivity & nonviolent resistance.



    5. SweaetshopsAn introdoctrination to We Eagerly Await Your Complete Submission No 3

    Have you got X? That certain “something”?Have you been biding “your time”? Do you just want to be “up there”? You know you do. You have always known. We have always known and in all ways known. Your dreams. Your deepest desires. Your moment. We are here to take you there on the next step.

    We Eagerly Await Your Complete Submission is an ongoing multidisciplinary work about the parallels between the rhetoric of religious cults and reality TV. Created from a mixture of audition tapes,self-help cassettes and show business jargon.

     Sweætshops® is a multipersonality“conglomerate” and multidisciplinary artist, whose practise is focused on creating allegory out of the waste of 21st century capitalism using sound and performance. Their name is a portmanteau of the two extremes of our current era. They hold a sonic arts MMus, are the 2019 recipient of the BUZZCUT Emerging Artist Award and have been both banned from the Edinburgh Fringe and simultaneously legally married/divorced for Brexit. They have played various festivals including Listen Again and Meadows Festival. Their work has also been featured on compilations by various labels including Violet Comet and Dead Hound Records. 


    6. Barry Burns   The Long Slow Panic In Us Which Never Quite Surfaces(3:49)

    7. Seth GabrielssonAttention Revised  

    ‘Attention’ is an electroacoustic inquiry into the nature of human listening, and the mystery of diffuse and single-pointed focus. The piece manipulates a single recording of an aging pianoforte.

    Seth Gabrielsson is a composer and filmmaker from Sydney, Australia. His film and sound work explores the materiality of forms, acoustic sound, and celluloid film. He has composed for narrative film, radio theatre, and installation works, as well experimenting with his own short art films and audiovisual works.Currently studying composition at the Conservatorium of Music in Sydney. 

    8. Travis DoddDo You Remember The Sun?     

    This piece investigates the role gold has played in constructing technological utopias.  Throughout history gold has been associated with the Sun because of its color and everlasting luster.  In Do you remember the Sun?,I created a dystopian world where a colony of miners have moved into Earth’s orbit to scrap satellites for their gold content.  This piece consists of three tracks: 1.Poem – Do you remember the Sun?– written by Travis Dodd 2. Static – Recorded using a contact mic dropped in acid while dissolving gold. 3. Ambient music – created by manipulating acid sounds.

    Travis Dodd was born in Miami, Florida. In2006 Dodd moved to Atlanta and began to participate in various group exhibitions in the southeast with shows at: Marcia Wood Gallery (Atlanta, GA),Gallery 5 (Richmond, VA), and Bridge Art Fair (Miami, FL).  In Atlanta he has had solo exhibitions at: Eyedrum, Whitespec, and Beep Beep Gallery. Internationally Dodd has shown in Mexico,Scotland, and Italy. In 2010 he received an MA in sculpture from SCAD-Atlanta.  His work has been collected by: Museo Riso,Savannah College of Art and Design, Lucinda Bunnen Collection, as well as private collections.


     9. Vincent EoppoloSpiritual Ambivalence      

    10. Ivor Kallin – Sangs of Bute, Eh? R_09_0105                             

    11. Shaun RobertAmbrosia of Black Sun                




  • Judith Hagan - ROOMS

    20 November 2020 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am

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    Excerpts from a collection of short-form writings about rooms—those of the mind, and in real space.Explorative and playful in tone, form and character,they work as places to install thinking, creating new positions from which to measure both self and world, and to challenge ways of meaning.

    Written as poems,stories, essays, instructions, and lists—they are multiple and moving. They do not attempt a house, replete and contained,but instead open corridors and ways between.

     Written by Judith Hagan, with generous readings from:Jane Hartshorn; Herb Shellenberger Nancy Haslam-Chance; Jamie McNeill; Emma Carey; David Roeder; Sally Hackett.

    Painter &writer from Glasgow, living & working in London.

    RCA, MA Writing, 2020; Royal Drawing School 2017; Glasgow School of Art, BA Painting2015 

    2020 w/Jessica Higgins & Rebecca Wilcox (covid postponed), NewBridge Project, Newcastle; 2019 LeGrandK,GossimerFog,London; 2019 Playing Houses, Flat Time House, London; 2019 meld/blueprint w/JHiggins&RWilcox,The Bower, London; 2018,New models of artists’ publishing, LeshgoldGallery, Vancouver; 2017; GIFT SET, Dada Post, Berlin; 2017 PingPong, Kings Mall, London; 2017 PENDALINO, New Glasgow Society;2016 DUSK, Hospitalfield Arts; 2016 Grab a Chair, Flinch!,Glue Factory, Glasgow; 2016 Stoke a Few Cinders, CELINE, Glasgow.




  • Counterflows - A Radiophonic Portrait of Antje Vowinckel

    20 November 2020 @ 10:00 am - 10:45 am

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    At the kind invitation of Counterflows and the Goethe Institute, Mark Vernon and Barry Burns (experimental musicians, sound artists, radio producers and co-managers of Glasgow’s art radio station Radiophrenia) were invited to select a German artist to collaborate with on a new sound piece.

    Having heard some of Berlin based sound and radio artist Antje Vowinckel’s exceptional works submitted to previous editions of Radiophrenia, they invited her to participate. All three artists share a passion for the possibilities of the medium of radio and a fascination for the rhythms and cadences of speech.

    The resulting work should have been presented as part of Counterflows 2020 but unfortunately that was not to be. They are now working together on a longer term project for Counterflows 2021 but in the meantime Vernon & Burns in collaboration with Vowinckel have created an unorthodox sideways radiophonic portrait of the artist and her practice.

    The project began with a series of questions and actions devised by Vernon and Burns for Vowinckel to respond to remotely from her home in Berlin. This consisted of queries about her practice and relationship with sound and music, requests for descriptions and recordings of her immediate sound environment, domestic chores, singing, lists, sound memories and an analysis of the qualities of her own voice. All of the resultant material was combined with extracts of Vowinckel’s work and excerpts from field recordings and other compositions by all three artists. The eccentric approach in the resultant audio collage is not intended as an accurate portrait of Vowinckel, more as an impressionistic overview with interventions and twists on the conventional form; thoughts and meditations on the act of purposeful listening and sound creation.

    The raw material provided by Vowinckel was cut up, processed, manipulated and recontextualised by Vernon and Burns. The piece, with its playful approach to assemblage and composition, combines the personalities and working methods of all three artists. As such it functions as an introduction and a short trailer for what this new collaboration might produce next year.



  • Buffer Zone

    20 November 2020 @ 10:45 am - 11:00 am

    more details

    Monica Suarez Argudin – I’m floating in a loop (4:30)

    My piece has been inspired by a range of feelings I have felt since I left my country, Cuba. It’s like I’m not from there anymore; still, I never get to completely identify myself as part of the new society that surrounds me today. It also speaks a little bit about the political issues between the USA government and Castro’s. I applied my feelings and memories to create this piece. Two segments of a radio station from Cuba have been included, also a segment from Radio Martí, the end of Obama’s speech in Cuba, and my voice.

     Monica Argudin was born and raised in La Havana, Cuba. She graduated from a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design at the University of Tampa, Florida. Today, she is currently pursuing a master’s in fine art at Georgia State University,Atlanta, Georgia. Her passion for art + design began many years ago when language became a struggle for her to communicate with others. As an immigrant who had to learn English from scratch, she immediately understood how vital visuals elements are within human society.


    Mathias Klenner & Sofía Balbontín – Espacios Resonantes – 02 Lyness Oil Tank (3:55)



  • Radio Kapital: Kapital Gains Day 5 - Gunnar Geisse

    20 November 2020 @ 11:00 am - 11:30 am

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    Kapitał Gains is a daily radio programme showcasing live performances by Polish and German sound and radio artists, curated and hosted by Knut Aufermann. Every day at noon CET (11am GMT) from 16th to 22nd of November 2020 a roster of acclaimed noise makers will present solo or duo concerts from their homes live for the radio audience. Today it is the turn of Gunnar Geisse, laptop guitarist from Munich.

    The second half of the show is dedicated to works from the international radio art network Radia.

    Kapitał Gains is a project by Goethe Institut and Radio Kapitał in Warsaw, with partner broadcasts on ∏-node in Paris and Radiophrenia in Glasgow.

    Artist biog:
    Gunnar Geisse developed an instrument that he calls a laptop guitar, an extension of his former principal instrument, the electric guitar with the computer. This enables him to continue analogue playing on the digital level. He uses – based on the spectral characteristics of the original signal – the software-supported realtime conversion of audio into MIDI data in order to control virtual instruments and samplers. Besides improvising, Geisse dedicated himself to composing and electronics and understands the laptop guitar as a meta-instrument with which the most widely varied virtual instruments could be conceived, constructed and actually played.

    Web links:
    https://www.youtube.com/user/nowherenever    Gunnar Geisse
    https://www.goethe.de/warschau    Goethe Institut Warsaw
    https://radiokapital.pl/    Radio Kapitał


  • Nina Queissner -Sound Ecology Part 5

    20 November 2020 @ 11:30 am - 11:45 am

    more details

    I was born in Germany and moved to France six years ago. I first studied humanities. After
    volunteering for several months at a local and non-commercial radio (l’Eko des Garrigues) I
    decided to shift to Fine Arts and integrated the Conservatory’s electro-acoustic music class
    to concentrate on music and sound within the field of Art. I graduated in 2019 from the
    Higher National Academy for Fine Arts in Bourges (ENSA) and in 2020 from the International
    Post-Graduate Program in Arts in Sound in Ghent, Belgium @ KASK/Conservatorium

    (EPAS). I am currently living and working in France.

    My artistic work is based on the exploration of the esthetic experience of sound and music.
    I use the technique of Field Recording and produce sound and video installations and
    performances. I frequently contribute my compositions and recordings to radio and cinema
    projects. Sometimes I work as a sound engineer for events such as concerts, theater shows
    or radio programs. Currently I am working with an environmental biologist with whom we
    founded the Observatory of the Hole in Deep Time that aims to analyze the links between
    Sound and Biodiversity in the Anthropocene era.


  • Buffer Zone

    20 November 2020 @ 11:45 am - 12:00 pm

    more details

    Open Corner – Arcadia from ‘Empty Pool To No One’ (3:56)


    Kizzie MacNeill – Manoeuvre in 10/60 (3:59)

    Continuing with my practice inphotography, ‘Manoeuvre in 10/60’ follows an image’s navigation within thedarkroom, acting as a soundtrack to an image’s chemical creation. I became keento shift, or expand my perception of image-making, from my personal experiencewithin the process, to that of the image’s own experience. Sound providedanother sensory opportunity (in addition to sight), to engage with machines andthe interactions that go on between an image, light and water.

    I am currently a final year Fine Artstudent at the Edinburgh College of Art. Exploring the visual and sonicinteractions between objects, machines and humans, my practice is led by actionand exchange. Communication and language, within both the digital and physicalworld, are topics of interest within my work. I enjoy imagining how machinesdevelop systems of non-verbal language and considering how that may encouragean expansion in the realm of communication within human beings ourselves. 



  • Eothen Stearn - Sentient

    20 November 2020 @ 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

    more details

    A person is jogging around a burial mound, near to a standing stone circle. They run, using their phone to navigate over tombs and rocks passing inscriptions and woodland. 
    They spot a naked woman floating in the river. Her body is creating an interference….

    Sentient, a new commissioned work that ruminates on someone being on the same patch of land 12,000 years apart. 

    It’s narrative is circular and the score possesses a state of slippage; from neolithic quasi-time travel, to AI and other fluid immaterial states. 

    Eo has written specific new drum rhythms for this commission and has produced sounds with her voice, limbs and musical apparatus.

    The drums, percussion, choral chanting and broken narrative represent the past.
    The synths, looped stems, field recordings and other instrumentation, present day.  

    There is a spiritual dimension, which is a continuation of Eo’s research on musical lamentations and Gregorian Chants. 
    Alongside this sober state, there is also a playfulness and strong emphasis on the power of an imagination.

    Recorded by Eothen Stearn. Additional recording and mix by Chris White.

    Eothen Stearn is an interdisciplinary artist living in Glasgow, playing in bands NIGHTSHIFT, 2PLY and DIFFICULT. 



  • Iride Project - The Delight Of Being Misunderstood

    20 November 2020 @ 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

    more details

    Author: Iride Project, Massimo Davi & Monica Miuccio
    Credits: Bernard Clarke, Narrator – Katie O’Looney, Percussion – Denis
    O’Sullivan, El.Guitar – Gunther Berkus, Cork City Gamelan and Waterphone

    “In the consuming flow of time, from childhood to manhood, iconoclasm worms its way out of a man crushed by shame and guilt. Images observe him, they reveal his dark secrets.

    By purging all those accusing smiles he secures a momentary relief. As his resentment grows stronger, he retaliates against the most famous smile but he fails and by realising that people can’t comprehend his mind and never will, he learns that “misunderstanding” is freedom to treasure personal secrets.”
    Text by Monica Miuccio published by the academic psychology magazine Tecniche Conversazionali (Milano 2000), adapted and interpreted by Bernard

    “IRIDE PROJECT” Massimo Davi & Monica Miuccio is a performing duo and an exciting research into non-deterministic electro-acoustic music and sound emphasis poetry.
    They explore the sound through conventional and unconventional instruments, piezoelectric transducers, field recordings, electronics, voice/spoken word and an analogue modular synthesizer. Iride Project’s works were performed in Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Finland,
    Germany, Mexico, Macedonia, UK, Czech Republic, Spain and were regularly featured on Ireland’s National Radio RTÉ Lyric FM in Bernard Clarke’s program “Nova”. We are member of Association of Irish Composers, Irish Sound Science and Technology Association, Spatial Music Collective and Irish Music Right Organization.



  • Shorts 12

    20 November 2020 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

    more details

    1. Katherine Van Uytrecht – Listening Booth Episode1

    The Listening Booth is anauditory exploration into the nature of listening and our relationship to it.Intended as a series, this broadcast is an invitation to take up the challengeto re-think and reflect upon what we already assume to know aboutlistening. This episode explores howthe visual separation of sound from its source can alter our experiences oflistening and begins to question how we listen to something that we cannotimmediately perceive with our senses.

    I am an artist using printmaking, sculpture, installation, video,animation and sound to explore concepts of individual and group identity,community, who we are and how we are connected. I investigate the relationshipbetween sound, thought and listening and how these can create differentenvironments and realities through our actions and behaviours, as an act ofco-creation. By examining ideas and the politics around sound and listening, Iquestion the auditory nature of listening and the ability of sound to manifestinto other forms that can be used as a potential vehicle for bonding orhealing. 

     2.  Amanda Brannin – small sleep

    beginningof pandemic

    An artist currently residing in Austin, though different places while asleep.Sound for in-between space.   https://soundcloud.com/amandabrannin

    3. Alison Beattie – Specious Species

    Asoundscape constructed from the manipulation of recordings of human sounds, domestic, farm and wild animals, birds and environmental sounds to create anillusion of mythical creatures and evoke thoughts of endangered species and the unknown potentially catastrophic future of the planet. Recording and Soundscapeby Alison Beattie.  Mastered by ViliusJokubaitis(Vilo Spice).

    Theowner of Alison Beattie – Composition and Sound Sculpture she is a composer and sound artist based in Paisley. She blends the sounds of acoustic instruments withthe sounds of nature to create electroacoustic fixed media compositions.  Inspiration for a lot of her acoustic writing comes from a prior career as a scientist. She uses maths based systems andunusual tunings to generate musical material which she then sculpts and combines with field recordings, to create her own style. She also creates interactive electronic pieces and scores for acoustic ensemblesranging from small chamber groups to windband and orchestra.

    4. Elen Huynh & Mark Vernon – Short changed

    5. Louis McHugh – Thiruvananthapuram Protest

    In 2019 I travelled to Thiruvananthapuram in the state of Kerala, India. Protests were erupting due to a rule change at a HinduTemple, allowing women to enter. Unbeknownst to me, I had chosen the same routeto explore the city as a scheduled protest. Throughout the ebb and flow ofprotest, you can hear my perspective; unaware of the meaning of the chants butuncomfortably understanding their rhythm. It ends with a call-to-prayer from aMosque; the sounds of Islam and Hindu fundamentalism in audible conflict,representing a dissonance or a harmonic celebration of diversity, depending onyour perspective.

    I am a Media Artist, Recording Engineer andMusician currently based in Glasgow. I work with sound, video and lighting tocreate site-specific installations, fixed-media work, theatrical design andlive improvisational performances.

    6. Laura Tansley & Gareth John – Denise Van Outen

    Gareth shared several pieces of music with Laura, who then wrote short poetic prose in response. The result is an experiment in co-working, call-and-response, and a thematic exploration of nostalgia.

    Gareth John and Laura Tansley met whilst studying at the University of Cardiff in 2002. This is their first collaboration. Individually Gareth runs the label Weak Friends. Laura’s writing has been published in a variety of places including Sand, Dream Pop Press and Adjacent Pineapple. They live in London and Glasgow, respectively.

    7.  Helen Tookey and Martin Heslop – Storm]

    This track forms part of a larger work in progress,developed out of a two-week residency at the Elizabeth Bishop House in NovaScotia in September 2019. Using field recordings, archival sound and newcomposition, it weaves together the experiences of a woman trying to navigate anunfamiliar, post-societal landscape and the voice of a man who is of this place, but of a different time. Hewas the draegerman of the mines, the rescuer, and he tells of the underground worldhe remembers, recalls the voices of those he rescued and those he could not.Thetwo are not directly aware of each other, yet their journeys intertwine, astogether they coax the landscape into language, as they look for ways throughthe present towards possible futures.

    Helen Tookey is a poet and a writer of creative non-fiction, based in Liverpool. Martin Heslop is a sound artist, composer/musician, andpoet, based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Alongside our individual practices, we have been making text/sound work collaboratively for the past five years. We explorehow sound works to help shape (or fragment) narrative, to highlight theproductive tension between presence and absence (a recorded voice is always insome senses a ghost, an echo), and to hold and convey emotional affect and tone. We are also interested in how field recordings can be used to explore therelationship between language and the physical environment.


    Twitter: @helentookey1



  • Joshua Bonnetta - Innse Gall

    20 November 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm

    more details

    Innse Gall ‘The Islands of the Strangers’ is a companion piece to the film An Dà Shealladh ‘The Two Sights’; a sound focused documentary that cinematically re-connects a disappearing oral tradition to its surroundings.

    These two compositions were developed from studies made for the films soundtrack using the same elements: hydrophone and field recordings collected on the islands of Barra, Berneray, North Uist, Harris, & Lewis between 2017-19, collaged and assembled in Ithaca, New York 2017-20.

    In the spirit of Glen Gould’s contrapuntal radio documentaries and Luc Ferrari’s Anecdotal Music the work explores the shifting acoustic ecology of the islands interwoven fragments of dialogue, song, and industry.

     Joshua Bonnetta (b.Canada 1979) is an artist and filmmaker working at the edges of documentary across installation, performance, and traditional cinema exhibition.

    His films have been shown at The Berlinale, BFI London Film Festival, ICA London, MOMA, New York Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Whitechapel Gallery, Viennale, and others. His work has been written about in Art Forum, Frieze, Sight & Sound, Cinemascope, The Guardian, and the New YorkTimes.

    He lives and works in Ithaca, New York


    The companion film to this piece ‘The Two Sights’ is screening at the Alchemy Film Festival live with a Q & A on 17th December, and on demand between 18th and 20th December.




  • Ortooeen Waves - Concrete Island

    20 November 2020 @ 2:45 pm - 3:00 pm

    more details

    My name is Paul Harrison – I’ve been messing around with sound since the 1980s -have been in the noise group Smell & Quim – used to run Fiend Recordings CDR label – these days make all sorts of different sounds using different names & do collaborations – recent ones include Howard Stelzer, Scorpiacee, Chandor Gloomy, Andy Jarvis….

    My newest project is Ortooeen Waves – all tracks being inspired by my fave books by my fave author!



  • Ashanti Harris -OHCE

    20 November 2020 @ 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

    more details

    Sylvia Wynter’s Maskarade (1973), uses the concept of “Reverse Time” as way of interpreting “carnival-time” and the performance of the world turned upside down. Up becomes down and forward becomes backward; the procession moving in opposing time. 

    Using an autobiographical approach, OHCE is a sonic procession. Field recordings and choreographic directions situate the listener within the liminal position between two places, Guyana and Scotland; using sound, memory, composition and movement to meet an echo backwards. 

    Ashanti Harris is a multi-disciplinary visual artist and researcher working with dance, performance and movement, alongside sculpture, film, sound and installation. With a focus on re-contextualising historical narratives, Ashanti’s work explores the movement of people, ideas and things and the wider social implications of these movements. Her recent research subjects have included dance of the African and Caribbean diaspora in Scotland and Speculating the historical legacies of Guyanese women in Scotland in the 18th and 19th centuries.

    As part of her creative practice, she is co-director for Project X – a creative education programme, platforming dance and performance from the African and Caribbean diaspora; and works collaboratively as part of the collective Glasgow Open Dance School (G.O.D.S) – facilitating experimental movement workshops and research groups.

    Recent solo shows include: The Skeleton of a Name, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (2019); Second Site, Civic Room, Glasgow (2019). Recent group shows include: Being Present, OGR, Torino (2020); In The Open, The Common Guild, Glasgow (2020); Alchemy Film Festival, Hawick (2020); Pre-Ramble, David Dale, Glasgow (2020); Walking Through the Shadows Eyes Open, SUBSOLO Laboratório de Arte, Sao Paolo, (2019); BLIP! as part of Annuale 2019, Broughton Place, Edinburgh, (2019); As of Yet, Many Studios, Glasgow (2019); Just Start Here, The Anatomy Rooms, Aberdeen (2019); Festival of the Not, Circa Projects, Newcastle (2019)

    Ashanti Harris

    Project X
    fb: @projectxdance


  • Beck Wiwatjesadawut Turner Leung Goodwin - The Sound of Criticism

    20 November 2020 @ 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

    more details

    The Sound of Criticism

    Daniel Beck
    Teeranont Wiwatjesadawut
    Jamie Turner
    Eva Leung
    Simon Goodwin

    Considering the juxtaposing auditory qualities between the conversational medium of the radio and our more abstract personal sound works, we decided to opt for a middle ground in their presentation. Choosing to omit speech altogether we communicated, via the use of 4-band radios and a collectively devised text score, our reactions to each others individual pieces as we heard them in an improvised group performance.

    Daniel Beck: http://www.iless.eu
    Teeranont Wiwatjesadawut: https://guyggguy.com/Info-1
    Jamie Turner: https://soundcloud.com/jrturner93
    Eva Leung: https://www.evaaaaaleung.com
    Simon Goodwin: https://simongoodwin.audio


  • Claudia Wegener, Tom Miller, Zubo Trust, Zongwe FM and Brooklyn College students Brooklyn

    20 November 2020 @ 4:00 pm - 5:10 pm

    more details

    Audio Letters from pandemic quarantine between anthropology students at Brooklyn College-City University of New York (USA), Zubo Trust (Zimbabwe), Zongwe FM (Zambia), and radio continental drift (Germany). Zongwe FM is a small community radiostation in the Zambezi River valley; Zubo Trust empowers rural women in income-generating projects using natural resources of this remote area. radio continental drift partnered with both organisations to train young presenters in radio production; students in New York listened to their playlists and exchanged audio letters with students in Africa. Produced by Claudia Wegener/radiocontinental drift & Tom Miller/Sonic Anthropology; bird samples: Cornell Ornithology Lab.

    The artists would like to invite and welcome free use of selections from the playlist of 42 individual audio letters at https://archive.org/details/BuildingRadioBridges_2020 in remixes and live on-air mixes!

    ClaudiaWegener focuses on audio production, participatory radio, collective media, and oral history training for organizations, community groups, and artist-activist collectives in Africa—especially women and youth. Her creative media activism proposes that communities can be agents of media development, and that media can be a means of community making.

    Tom Miller is a sonic anthropologist and National Endowment for the Arts award-winning composer-librettist. He has created sound installations for the American Museum of Natural History and produced radio art for Wave Farm, WKCR, KRAB, and WFMU. Previous Radiophrenia contributions: Spectral Wars (2016), VoxInhumana, Redux (2017), Three Cities (2019).

    For more information on this project: https://radiocontinentaldrift.wordpress.com/2020/08/02/buildingradiobridges-distance-co-production/

    To stream/download playlist, 42audio letters as individual tracks, full credits:


    Tom Miller(Comrade Squelch) artistpage: https://wavefarm.org/ta/calendar/s4t2rv

     anthropology page: https://brooklyn-cuny.academia.edu/ThomasMiller

    Claudia Wegener (radio continentaldrift): https://radiocontinentaldrift.wordpress.com/about/




  • Zoë Strachan & Nichola Scrutton - Up Closeness (live in the studio)

    20 November 2020 @ 5:10 pm - 5:40 pm

    more details

    A dialogue between two green urban spaces, in the south and west of Glasgow. Lockdown forced us to look closely at the local, in an attempt to find small connections amid the dislocation from everyday life. In this piece, site-specific field recordings are combined with found and composed text to animate these two distinct places. Live mixing and improvisation in the moment of broadcast enact a mimetic reinhabiting of two places at the same time.

    Nichola Scrutton is an award-winning composer and improviser, vocalist, performer, sound artist and facilitator who works across a range of mediums including visual. She has extensive experience as a collaborator in interdisciplinary and participatory contexts, including with Sonic Bothy inclusive music charity in the Ensemble and across various projects.Nichola was awarded a PhD from university of Glasgow for her portfolio Hearing Voices.

    Zoë Strachan is an award-winning novelist and librettist, who also writes short stories and essays. She is Reader in Creative Writing at University of Glasgow. Zoë and Nichola have an ongoing collaboration making experimental sound art/radio works.


  • Buffer Zone

    20 November 2020 @ 5:40 pm - 6:00 pm

    more details

    Giles Perring – Intervention 5 featuring Melanie Pappenheim (7:00)

    WORLD ORGAN ‘Interventions’

    This is a series of songs and improvisations delivered by remote collaborators in conjunction with Giles Perring’s sound installation on Jura, the World Organ. The pieces are assembled in different ways that reflect the various listening experiences of the players, and the colours of the sound that the organ ‘hears’.

    Alongside Giles Perring, on Jura, the performers are

    Melanie Pappenheim, Kennington, London. ’Two Corbies’
    Kirsty Law, Edinburgh, ‘My Heart Is Sair’ [Robert Burns arr. Law]
    Susie Honeyman, Edinburgh, ‘Over the Sound’
    Albert Kuvezin, Kyzyl, Tuva ‘Talking to Spirits’
    Ivor Kallin, Clapton, London, ‘Trumpton Fire Brigade’
    Rob Mills, Swanage, ‘The Ministry of Wind’

    Giles and Ivor have played in various improvising bands together, notably Ya Basta and power trio The Scheidt. Rob Mills and Susie Honeyman are both long standing colleagues of Giles from their work together in the sonic sculpture group Echo City. Giles produced Albert Kuvezin & Yat Kha’s number one World Music album ‘Poets and Lighthouses’ on Jura in 2010. Giles first performed with Melanie Pappenheim in the vocal big band The Shout. They have since made a number of music and sound works for radio and theatre together. Giles works with Kirsty Law on recordings and cross-media projects having first collaborated together with Stornoway story teller Ian Stephen.

    Nwando Ebizie – Don’t Look Now (5:03)


    Radio Noise Duo – Smoke and Mirrors (10:02)

    The track was created as a result of a fascination with radio noise. In the ideologicalcontext, it refers to two cultural phenomena. The first one is related to the illusionistictechnique, which started in the 18th century, which consists in creating theimpression that a person is floating in an empty space. While creating thepiece, we imagined that a person could levitate with a sufficiently loud radionoise. The second context is related to the circulation of information in timesof excess and the practice of information noise leading to a kind ofdisambiguation. In this case, radio noise seems to be a source of allinformation, as well as a carrier of aesthetics that provokes hypnoticlistening.

    Radio NoiseDuo. Duet (Tomasz Misiak and Marcin Olejniczak from Poland) lookingfor inspiration in electricity, radio noise and amplified everyday objects.Earlier the musicians were associated with groups like ,,kalEka’’ (Misiak) or,,Monopium’’ (Olejniczak), but they also had some solo projects. ,,Radio NoiseDuo’’ is a part of ,,Radio Noise Orchestra’’ – still continuing initiativefocused on radio noise in various artistic activities. 

    RadioNoise Duo: TomaszMisiak – radio, electronics   MarcinOlejniczak – radio, electronics





  • Gabi Schaffner - Time is a Sliding Door

    20 November 2020 @ 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm

    more details

    Time is a sliding door –  but if so, what does it mean?

    “Time is a Sliding Door” is a variation of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s saying that “Reality is a Sliding Door”. As if that wasn’t tricky enough, substituting ‘reality’ with the noun ‘time’ unravels a kaleidoscope of meanings and implications that turns the ground of our presumptuous existence into a wobbly pudding. If Time is a Sliding Door, and we push it aside, what happens beyond the threshold? The act of sliding means that the other side is only slowly revealed. As well as with a thud, thunder and roll. As radio is a medium which transgresses our notion of time and space, both naturally and effortlessly, how does it come into the picture? If the door opens onto a 5th dimension, and/or still others, how could this be ‘enlistened’ into a radiophonic scape? To be honest, the author of these lines doesn’t actually know, and how could she?

    As humans we continue to be tethered to time as a condition of our communication, our perception, our being. It just seemed fit to start with a speedy panorama of the “Swabian-Alemannic Fasnet”. Fasnet (or “Fastnacht”) is also called the “fifth season of the year”, and is recorded in central Europe at least since the 13th century. Its presentation of an inverted world, the parades of Jesters, Fools and Witches, the almost deafening onrush of drums, ‘Fools Cries’, trombones, trumpets and bells truly create a different time horizon.Other acoustic inhabitants of this composition are the cuckoo-clock and clocks in general, as this region of Germany is famous for its clock-makers since the 17th century. And after all, it is not just the shamans of the Northern Tunguska who believe that the cuckoo’s call presages the number of years one has left to live…

     Time is a Sliding Door sticks to the human dimension, playing with the acts of acceleration and deceleration, with the notion of journeying (we shall be travelling from the Black Forest to New Mexico and from there to Slovenia – at least), spellbound by folk tunes, with the whisperings of shortwaves captured in open and discreet places. Hidden stories keep on drifting through radio space, sites and signals keep travelling, and wherever they may go, eventually an alien molecule, touched by radio might spark off the impulse for that door to open up into the unforeseeable. Meanwhile, we’ll keep hanging around this auditory doorstep.


    Accordion: Olsen auf Aldebaran

    Musical Saw: Mimosa Pale

    Singers: Sanne Drouhin-Kok, Ulrike Stoehring and Lilli Moors, Fernando (guest appearing for “Adopta una planta”/Datscha Radio, Madrid).

    Drums: Paddi (Patrick Guderitz), Toni Brokoli (Pascal Dinser aka Kalle Dinsko) & Junk (Thomas Jank)

    Special thanks to: Global Forest e. V., Black Forest!

    Gabi Schaffner works as a trans-disciplinary artist within the realms of radio art, composition and performance. Her artistic practice is determined by the methods of poetic ethnography in connection with fluxus-like mise-en-scènes, radio-making and sound art performances. Much of her work originates from journeys. Next to her radiophonic productions, Schaffner creates speculative musical genres and inserts them into music history in order to raise awareness for cultural, gender-related and/or geographical conditions.

    Schaffner has been realising award-winning productions with Deutschlandfunk Kultur, radia.fm, Hessian Cultural Radio and ABC Australia. Since 2012 she maintains “Datscha Radio”, a nomadic transmission project that links the medium of radio to current ecological issues.

    As a writer and translator, she has published numerous texts; most recently: “RevoltenDiaries”, in: Radio Revolten, 2019. She holds a MA in literature and ethnography and a diploma in visual communication. Gabi Schaffner lives in Berlin.

    Current work:
    Fazzoletto per un eternità. Performance and vinyl edition, 2020
    Rapid(s)Trains: Geolocated audio walk for Open Gorey, Wexford, Ireland. 2020-2021



  • Victoria Evans - Deep Space Call And Response

    20 November 2020 @ 6:45 pm - 7:00 pm

    more details

    We have extended our perception into the far reaches of space through a complex international network of satellites and ground stations. These are our remote eyes and ears, extending our senses to Mars, Mercury and beyond. This twelve minute audio imagines what their communication might sound like. 

    Deep Space Call and Response is a sonic meditation on communication over distance, and the beauty and fragility of co-operative networks.

    From a background in the film and television industry, Victoria Evans graduated with a master’s degree in fine art practice from Glasgow School of Art. In 2019 she was awarded a studentship by the Scottish Graduate School to conduct practice-based PhD research at Edinburgh College of Art. She has exhibited across Scotland in group and solo shows and has attended residencies at home and abroad. Victoria works with moving image, sound, sculpture and installation. One of the strands of her research involves the sonification of data to create novel audience experiences relating to human-made and environmental cycles.




  • Giuseppe Mistretta - Driving Rain

    20 November 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 7:30 pm

    more details

    Driving Rain is a recording of a live improvised session,performed with modular synthesizer and field recordings. The piece attempts tocreate an immersive sonic environment that engages the senses and imagination.

    Giuseppe Mistretta is an artist based in Glasgow. He workswith sound and writing to unpack themes such as perception, empathy and socialinteraction.    


  • Steven George Jones - Decoding a Mixed Message

    20 November 2020 @ 7:30 pm - 8:00 pm

    more details

    Decoding A Mixed Message is takenfrom a series of sonic collages using talk radio stations as source material.Recordings were taken from the Radio Garden site and attempted to featurestations from as many countries as possible. The collages exploit the varied audiotextures of radio broadcast and language.

    Steven George Jones is amulti-discipline artist working in sound, video, performance and painting. Heis based in Newport, South Wales.


  • Shorts 8H

    20 November 2020 @ 8:00 pm - 8:30 pm

    more details

    1. Alternative Guide for Walking – I’ll chase you to the sea

    I’ll chase you to the sea is a collaborative piece made during isolation by the artist collective Alternative Guide for Walking. The work documents sounds made and heard whilst walking, in locations across the UK. Included in the work is a series of guidelines proposed by the collective that offer ways of making whilst walking which were produced during a collective walk prior to the lockdown.

    Alternative Guide for Walking is an artist collective focusing on the outdoors as a space to discuss identity politics and community-based making. The collective includes visual artists Sofie Keller, Jess Hay, Rosie Trevill and Silke Zapp.

    2. Adam Winnie – Slow Deep Grind                           

    “I’m looking for sounds which defy logic. These auditory sculptures are born out of experimentation, they are not considered music and are not structured as such.I’m interested in the creation sounds which have never been heard by the human ear but which possess power to captivate and hypnotize while gnawing at the skull.They best way to experience them is by limiting all other senses. In constructing these experiments in developing new auditory experiences I utilize both digital and analog recordings which are passed though many many filters,stretched, pitch shifted, cut and past, resample, re-filtered beyond what the program is capable, re-stretched, re-pitched and so on and so forth. From these amalgamations, selections are chosen and developed further.”

    Adam Gabriel Winnie (b. Michigan, United States1981) received a B.F.A. in painting from Savannah College of Art & Design in 2012 and is a current 1st year M.F.A. candidate at the Georgia State University’s Ernest G. Welch School of Art and Design. Winnie is an artist whose oeuvre covers the gamut of art practices; from realist charcoal drawing and oil painting to performance, audio sculpture and beyond. Since 2003, Adamh as been exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions across the United States,including; The Sylvia White Gallery in Ventura, California; The Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art in New Paltz, New York; The Vendue in Charleston, South Carolinaand many others. His works are a part of the Permanent Art Collection at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Judge Realty Corporate Collection, The Savannah College of Art & Design Permanent Collection and more. Adam Gabriel Winnie currently lives and works in Decatur, Georgia.


    3, LucieMcLaughlin & Chris Penty – Sol’emeNite-e

    Sol’em-nit-e is a poem and sound space, created using recordings in both public and private places. Drips and drops from the boiler or kitchen meet the intermittent tuning of churchorgans to display a writing in sound which unravels throughout the breathy prose of a mind wandering. The thoughts heard here are at once intimate and also empty, the air whispering from sites where we meet,collectively, but are often alone. 

    Lucie McLaughlin is an interdisciplinary artist and writer from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Her work has been published in Faultline Journal of Arts and Letters, California, performed at Raven Row, London and exhibited at Lily Robert Gallery, Paris. She is currently on the MLitt Art Writing at Glasgow School of Art.

    Chris Penty Alvarez is a London based musician, sound artist and filmmaker. He has shown work at the SheffieldDoc Fest and Whitechapel Gallery and is currently working on a number of collaborative music projects.


    4. NeilJohnstone, Sam Leamy & Steve Garden – Forest of Dreams

    From their album Chalk Dogs, a series of multi-layered works created during, and in response to New Zealand’s Covid-19 Lockdown between April and June of 2020. The project, created and completed entirely in isolation, explores the blurred lines between inner and outer tensions at a time of unease and uncertainty.

    The works are subconscious meditations on chance and unpredictability, seclusion and isolation, impermanence and degeneration, surreal and unsettling spaces that suggest a Lynchian and Victorian Grand Guignol underpinned by a sense of loss and quiet despair.



  • Reet Maff'l - The Mount Take 5

    20 November 2020 @ 8:30 pm - 9:00 pm

    more details

    Reet Maff’l’s The Mount is anaudio-guidebook to the past, present & future of Montjuïc, Barcelona.Produced as part of a residency at Homesession, Barcelona, 2016. Recorded inPeckham Rye, London, 2017.

    Mixed in Daisy Hill, Bradford,2018.

    Reet Maff’l are Luke Drozd(Words and Field Recordings) and Andy Abbott (Music, Sounds and Mixing), anow-age spoken weird duo based between Bergen, Norway and Bradford, UK. theymake collaborative audio performances often of a site-specific or inspirednature.





  • Theater Between Addresses - Oracular Therapy by Samuel Achilles Edwards

    20 November 2020 @ 9:00 pm - 9:30 pm

    more details

    Cassandra (cursed to see the Fall of Troy) processes with her therapist the prophetic doomsday visions she sees, and the anxiety that comes from them.

    Samuel Achilles Edwards is a playwright located in Northampton, MA. He is interested in retelling mythology from a contemporary queer perspective. His previous works include “Caeneus”,a trans odyssey, and “Queer Intimacies”, about navigating queer intimacy in public space. 


  • Leon Clowes - Days of Future Past

    20 November 2020 @ 9:30 pm - 11:00 pm

    more details

    First broadcast on Reel Rebels Radio on 20th April 2020, this nightmarish re-entry into creative practice is an audio sketchbook of lived trauma. There are three elements: bootleg recordings of artists that have inspired, visceral voice pieces recorded at the beginning of lockdown, and DIY four track demos of electro pop and cabaret songs written in the late 80s/early 90s. 

    Leon Clowes is a queer disabled conceptual artist (http://www.leonclowes.com). His research-led creative practice combines sound, words, space, co-creation, autoethnography and Brechtian Verfremsdungeffekt. It is informed by research excavation of my lived trauma experiences, and exchange with other artists who also deal with trauma.

    Days of Future Past is broadcast with the kind permission of Queer Art Projects. The piece is currently part of the #WIP exhibition: https://qap.digital/wip/ 


  • Shirley Pegna - Night Walk: listening to stars by starlight

    20 November 2020 @ 11:00 pm - 11:30 pm

    more details

    Did you know you can hear the stars?Radio signals from spinning stars connect us to unimaginably distantplaces.  It’s our environment, extending as far as we can hear… This isfor ACTIVE LISTENERS – download this track to your phone and walk away fromtraffic noise and man-made light. Best with headphones but make sure you canhear nearby night sounds too. Listen whilst you walk in the dark to thesecollected and mixed recordings (29mins). Thanks to Tim O’Brien Professor of Astrophysics andAssociate Director of Jodrell Bank Observatory   http://www.jb.man.ac.uk/research/pulsar/Education/

     Shirley Pegna, an artist fromBristol has experience working with composition and sound encompassing therealm of performance, play and field recordings. In her PhD “The Transit ofSound and the Perception of Sonic Phenomena” she takes both a long distance andvery close up view of our environment with its physical attributes, and oftensets work in domestic places – juxtaposing the familiar with the unfamiliar.Drawing on the audience’s own imaginations she reveals how we are affected byour experiences of the physical world, and how a greater understanding caninform both our personal and political choices. Member of BEEF!


    instagram -shirley.pegna


  • Jonny Farrow - Atmos_Inter_Phere_Nce

    20 November 2020 @ 11:30 pm - 21 November 2020 @ 12:00 am

    more details

    Atmos_Inter_Phere_Ence is a 30-minute FM radio feedback improvisation capturedusing a low-powered FM transmitter, and an Eton Elite Field multi-band radio.The radio is fed into an EQ and delay, then to the mixing board. That output issent to the transmitter, which the Eton receives, creating the feedback loop.Broadcasting while recording this performance on 88.9 MHz in the town where Ilive in Vermont, USA, I don’t know who heard it, but cats surely coveredtheir ears. The title refers to the broadcast interference I am producingand to the atmosphere through which these signals are traveling. 

    Jonny Farrow is a multi-disciplinary artist working acrosssculpture, hardware hacking, printmaking, and sound art. His work uses sound asboth a poetics and a material to research the liminal spaces of cultural memoryand suspect histories. Utilizing concepts such as resonance, feedback, andtransmission, Farrow sounds these spaces through various material means andaims to set them vibrating. He was the host of The Distract and DisableProgram for five years on WGXC/Wave Farm and is a member of the NRRFB-Radio Collective (since 2012) along with Anna Friz, Jeff Kolar, Stephen Germana,and Peter Speer.









21 November 2020