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16 November 2020
  • Michael Ridge - Dread Creeping Through Cracks In Stone

    16 November 2020 @ 12:00 am - 12:30 am

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    Dread Creeping Through Cracks In Stone (Radio Edit) is a semi-improvised work of tense experimental drone and minimal noise, originally recorded to cassette. Various amplified coil springs played with a cello bow and simple noise synthesiser circuit were utilised to compose the piece. It is loosely inspired by the uncertain future and preservation of many medieval churches and buildings in my home city of Norwich. It was originally released on the UK based label Matching Head as a single sided 90-minute cassette in March 2020.

    Michael Ridge is an artist who often combines elements of sound, video, electronics, sculpture, collage and found objects in his work. Other activities include running the DIY record label Quagga Curious Sounds and recording experimental noise/electronic music under the name Zebra Mu.



  • Jack Grieve Mills - FK17.KY10.EH2.GU2

    16 November 2020 @ 12:30 am - 1:00 am

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    FK17.KY10.EH2.GU2 is adrone work using 16 looping field recordings captured across 4 locations in the summer and autumn of 2016. As the looping audio repeats, improvised adjustments to the balance increasingly drive the line amp of an old tape machine. Non-linear distortions are introduced, exaggerating the tonal and rhythmic qualities contained within the captured audio.

    Jack Grieve Mills is an electronic musician based in London. Working as a sound engineer on film scores during the day, his personal experimental work uses field recording, microsound and generative analogue synthesis techniques with a particular focus on density in sound and complex rhythmic structures.



  • Zach Layton - Shobud

    16 November 2020 @ 1:00 am - 2:00 am

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    This piece is intended to convey anauditory landscape, utilizing a spectral synthesis process known as phase vocoding to stretch and blur a short recording of an original composition for 10 String pedal steel.  The sonic panorama is intended to convey an early morning fog rising over an open field.  

    Zach Layton is a guitarist, composer, curator, teacher, and media artist based in New York.  He has worked with a diverse number of artists including Vito Acconci, Tony Conrad, Pauline Oliveros, Bobby Previte, Ben Vida, Tristan Perich, and Bradford Reed.  He has performed and exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum, the Kitchen, and many other venues in New York and internationally.  Curator of ISSUE Project Room from 2008 -2012, PS1 Warmup from 2005 – 2007, and founder of the Darmstadt “Classicsof The Avant-Garde,” festival. He is currently Assistant Professor ofMusic Production at Ramapo College in New Jersey.





  • David Snow - Vex americana: self-mutilating variations on a nationalist theme

    16 November 2020 @ 2:00 am - 4:30 am

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    Vex americana was inspired by Erik Satie’s Vexations for piano, which can last up to 24 hours in performance. Unlike Vexations, which requires 840 static repetitions of a musical phrase, Vex americana comprises 240 variations on America First, composed by Milwaukee dentist Uno Nyman in 1916. The tune is subjected to incremental and recursive permutation, so that by the conclusion the theme has been rendered unrecognizable. The 240 variations represent the number of years between the establishment of the American republic in 1776 and the end of that experiment in 2016 with the election of the country’s first fascist president.

    The compositions of David Jason Snow have been performed in concert by the Ensemble Intercontemporain at the Centre GeorgesPompidou in Paris, the Banda Municipal de Bilbao at the Euskalduna Palace inBilbao, The New Juilliard Ensemble at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and many other artists and ensembles internationally. His fixed media audio and visual works have been performed at theMusinfo Journées Art & Science Festival in Bourges, the FestivalExhibitronic in Strasbourg, the Festival Internacional de Video Arte y MúsicaVisual in Mexico City, the Sound Thought Festival in Glasgow, and Echofluxx inPrague.




  • Oliver Pitt & Barry Burns - live at the Flying Duck

    16 November 2020 @ 4:30 am - 4:50 am

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    Pitt and Burns, live at The Flying Duck in the beforetimes when we had live gigs, with 2 dictaphones, a phone and some bike lights.


  • Gunter Saxenhammer - Gunter meets Doric on the Night Bus

    16 November 2020 @ 4:50 am - 5:00 am

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  • Mark Vernon - Things That Were Missed in the Clamour for Calm

    16 November 2020 @ 5:00 am - 6:00 am

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    Mark Vernon – ‘Things that were missed in the clamour for calm’


    There is an odd looking machine in the New Hindu Kovil on Sea Street in Colombo kept within a rusty cage to protect it from rats. When the machine is switched on a motor kicks metal clappers and drumsticks into operation. In perfect rhythm, the clappers ring on the bells and cymbals, and the drum sticks mark out a background tattoo on the drum. Its purpose is to banish unwanted and intrusive “bad” exterior sounds; the tuk tuk horns, the quarrelling street traders, the general commotion of the material world. The repetitive mechanical mantra of drum, bell and cymbal effectively drowns out all other sounds, using one form of noise to counteract the other. Thus is created a meditative space, a place for contemplation and prayer amidst the hubbub of quotidian reality.

    All recordings made in SriLanka between October and December 2013. Composed during a 6-week residency atSura Medura, Hikkaduwa on the South West coast of Sri Lanka. Additional recording locations included Galle, Ambalangoda, Matara, Debera, Yala National Park, Bundala National Park, Udawattakele Sanctuary, Kandy, Sigiriya,Sinharaja, Udawalawe National Park, Mirissa, Unawatuna, Welligama and Colombo.

    The residency was supported by UZ Arts and Creative Scotland.


    Mark Vernon is a Glasgow based sound artist whos ecurrent work is focused on concepts of audio archaeology, magnetic memory and nostalgia. At the core of his practice lies a fascination with acousmatic presence, environmental sound, obsolete media and the reappropriation of found sounds. A rich collection of domestic tape recordings; audio letters, dictated notes, answer-phone messages and other lost voices often find their way into his unorthodox soundworlds. These diverse elements are distilled into radiophonic compositions for broadcast, multi-channel diffusion, fixed media and live performances.



  • CWCH collective - Edition 8: We Got Der Funk

    16 November 2020 @ 6:00 am - 7:00 am

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    Worker-artists convene a hive broadcast of indiscriminately gathered sound-pollen, transmitting codified messages to kindred folk. 

    Each week a potent gang of sound artists are at play, exploring whatever is on their minds. Style guide: Anything goes

    Knut Aufermann & Sarah Washington (Ürzig) http://www.mobile-radio.net

    Xentos Fray Bentos (Broughton) http://www.discogs.com/artist/xentos

    Frauke Berg (Düsseldorf) http://www.fraukeberg.de

    Katharina Bihler & Stefan Scheib (Halle) http://www.liquidpenguin.de

    DinahBird (Paris) http://www.bird-renoult.net/dinah-bird

    dieb13 & Billy Roisz (Vienna) http://dieb13.klingt.org & http://billyroisz.klingt.org

    Anna Friz (Santa Cruz) http://nicelittlestatic.com

    Ralf Schreiber (Cologne) http://www.ralfschreiber.com

    Live broadcast 28th May 2020 on Resonance Extra,Soundart Radio, WGXC, Wave Farm & π-node. Later on Radio ARA, JET FM, RadioPanik & Radio Orange.

    Produced by Mobile Radio with support from π-node.


  • Ollie Hawker - It's So Easy Pt. 3 (It's Always This Easy)

    16 November 2020 @ 7:00 am - 7:30 am

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    It’s So Easy Pt. 3 is an audio installation made from recordings of my singing saw processed and layered, then triggered to produce semi-random harmonies. It starts as one great swell of all the bowed parts playing together, but over 10 minutes they are gradually teased apart until there is a constant swirl of notes. These are then semi-randomly detuned and retuned over five minutes, then brought back in lineover another 10 minutes until we arrive back at the beginning, at which point the piece takes another big breath in and out, and so on.

    Ollie Hawker is a Glasgow-based composer currently studying for his Masters degree at RCS. He is primarily interested in the complex mixture of data-overload futurism and nostalgic romanticismin his personal relationship to the internet and its folk culture.



  • Acoustic Mirror - Dawn

    16 November 2020 @ 7:30 am - 8:00 am

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    “Dawn” is aaudio- and data-focused response to a changing urban soundscape underconfinement. A field recording of a daily practice of listening to the dawn chorus (inevitably, in an city context, due to restricted movement) has been transformed into a datascape with data of COVID19-related deaths between February and August 2020.

    Unlike more conventionaldata sonification practices, “Dawn” uses FFT, as well as other spectrum-domain transformations to transform the original recording. Technical details aside, the purpose of “Dawn” is to convey the uncanny sense of something else, something different taking place amid the silenced city soundscape.

    Kamen Nedev is a soundartist, flâneur, fugueur, and independent cultural producer. Since 1986 he works and tries to live in Madrid, Spain.Since 2005, under the Acoustic Mirror moniker, he has been working on a line of research in phonography, sound art, and radio art, with an emphasis on thesoundscape of urban space as well as social sound production, situated listening,and militant sound investigation.





  • Shorts 22

    16 November 2020 @ 8:00 am - 9:00 am

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    1. Sabutay Ugur – Grave        

    I wanted dirty sound. Therefore, I made poor records. These recordings were piano, tuning whistle and flute recordings. At the same time, these were improvised recordings. But I didn’t want to be content with these sounds. So I needed different, non-melodic sounds. Because I wanted to channel the psychology of the listener from sentimentality to materialism. I recorded the bubbling sound of the potato dinner cooking. During recording, I achieved various sound effects by moving the lid of the pot. Since I was studying physics, I was already quite interested in physical concepts such as sound waves, frequency and timbre. I used simple audio plugins

    I started the department of physics at Eskişehir Osmangazi University in 2007. At the same time I started the musical education when I studied the classical guitar with Sezgin Atila in this university’s course center.  Then, I took private lessons from Dr. Stefan Pohlit on theory, Anadolu University School of Music and Drama academic members Prof. Oytun Eren on ear training, dictate and  piano, and Assoc. Dr. Berkant Gençkal on harmony. I followed the counterpoint and harmony lessons of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tolga Zafer Özdemir as a guest student in İstanbul Bilgi University and I studied on composition with him. I followed the seminar of composition department at Bilkent University and I participatedt he composition workshop. Addition this, I studied with composers Tolga Yayalarand Onur Türkmen in workshop.


    2. Marjorie Van HalterenModiano Sunday   

    Composed and performed by Marjorie Van Halteren (with field recordings),with Barbara Wastinaux, guitar, voice.    http://www.electroacousticalpoeticalsociety.com

    3. Leah Reid – Sketch  

    Sk(etch) is an acousmatic work that explores sounds, gestures, textures, and timbres associated with the creative process of sketching, drawing, writing, and composing.      

     Leah Reid is a composer of acoustic and electroacoustic music. Her primary research interests involve the perception, modeling, and compositional applications of timbre. In her works, timbre acts as a catalyst for exploring new soundscapes, time, space, perception,and color. In recent reviews, Reid’s works have been described as “immersive,” “haunting,” and “shimmering.” Her works are frequently performed throughout Europe and North America. Reid received her D.M.A. and M.A. in music composition from Stanford University and her B.Mus from McGill University. Sheis currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia.  http://www.leahreidmusic.com.   

    4. Ilario Boffa and P è n i n ș o l a r– Untrodden Lead New Pristine   

    Inspired by ‘Im Westen Nichts Neues/All Quiet in the Western Front’ book by Erich Maria Remarque, the piece is a reflection and a call to action. Cross-generational dialogue is a way to learn from experience and move forward with non-violent, compassionate and yet radical determination. First spoken is an excerpt from ‘Im Westen Nichts Neues/All Quiet on the Western Front’ (Chapter 12). Second spoken is Ilaria Boffa’s sonopoem ‘Im Westen NichtsNeues’. https://soundcloud.com/ilaria_boffa         https://linkt.ree/peninsolar

    5. Lauren de Sá Naylor – AEGINA MUSCLY SHEEP 

    A sound collage comprising field recordings from walks around Aegina and and two spoken narratives. Bells chime, music bangs in an empty bar, a child tells the tale of the fabled Todmorden hench sheep, a distorted voice describes a hallucinatory hillwalk. 

    I’m a poet and artist based in Todmorden, UK.I write self-mining narratives and make visual poems/sound collage attending broadly to the poetics of relation. I’m particularly interested in autobiography, myth, dreams and the erotic as tools for divination. Recent publications/exhibitions include an essay in HOTEL Journal (Manchester) and a short film in the One Minutes program Everything Happened so Much. Forthcomingtape release: Imminent Termination (SNDHLS label).  ldsn.bandcamp.com/

    6. Marco Dibeltulu    Quadri Degli Elementi

    The piece has a didactic purpose and is divided into four different parts inspired by air, water, earth and fire. The four elements are associated to instrumental sections and different musical genres. Each section is made up of two different parts: one is the natural sounds recorded in the framework of the project “Erasmus Plus – The soundscape we live in”, the other is the sounds produced by musical instruments played bysome students of the Liceo Musicale “D. A. Azuni” of Sassari (Samuele Cossu,Gabriele Fais, Fabio Foddai, Federico Pintus, Nicola Roggio and Enrico Serra),who improvised according to their own sensibility.

    Marco Dibeltulu (Alghero, Italy, 1971) studied at the Conservatory of Cagliari Composition, Choral Music and Electronic Music. His compositions have been selected in many competitions as 6th International Computer Music Competition“Pierre Schaeffer” 2007 (1st Prize) – Pescara; ICMC 2012 – Ljubljana(Slovenia); EMUFest 2012 – International Electroacoustic Music Festival of the Conservatorio S. Cecilia, Rome; NYCEMF – New York City Electroacoustic MusicFestival, New York City. He performed at Festivals: Synthèse – Bourges; Biennaledi Venezia on-line; Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art; Contemporary Art Fair– Shanghai; Rifiuti preziosi – Palazzo Strozzi, Florence; ArteScienza 2006 –Rome; Zeppelin 2008 – Barcelona; Primavera en La Habana 2008.  http://www.marcodibeltulu.it

    7. Gareth John & Laura Tansley – Denise Van Outen  

    Gareth shared several pieces of music with Laura, who then wrote short poetic prose in response. The result is an experiment in co-working, call-and-response, and a thematic exploration of nostalgia. Gareth John and Laura Tansley met whilst studying at the University of Cardiff in 2002. This is their first collaboration. Individually Gareth runs the label Weak Friends. Laura’s writing has been published in a variety of places including Sand, Dream Pop Press and Adjacent Pineapple. They live in London and Glasgow, respectively.

    8. Paul Baran – Cycling to Mount Aphos  

    Follows a conversion from the materialist world to the celebratory, ecstatic visions channeled through religion in this case the Greek Orthodox Church




  • Gerald Fiebig - Passagen: Werk für Walter Benjamin

    16 November 2020 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am

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     „Passages/Arcades.A Work for Walter Benjamin“ is a tribute to the German philosopher, mediatheorist, and radio writer marking the 80th anniversary of his death on 26 September 1940. The radiophonic composition consists of several parts which each give acoustic shape to Benjamin’s thought. While the quotes are inGerman, the composer starts the programme by introducing his concept in English, so it can be listened to as a sound work whose methods include radio drama, field recording, drone music, improvised sound work, and noise. This is an original and unique mix of this live radio piece for Radiophrenia.

     Gerald Fiebig’s radiophonic work has been broadcast on “Radiophrenia” as well as various public and independent radiostations in Australia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Israel, Portugal,and Switzerland. His sonic works have been performed and exhibited at festivals in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Romania, and Colombia. He also works in the fields of electroacoustic music for both fixed media and live performance and sound installation. Recent releases include the CD “Gasworks”(Gruenrekorder 2019, with EMERGE and Christian Z. Müller) and the LP “fiction circuit”(attenuation circuit 2019, with Artificial Memory Trace, PBK, and EMERGE).

    Formore information see http://www.geraldfiebig.net.



    Weblink:  http://www.geraldfiebig.net



  • Zachary Schoenhut & Raphael Daibert - Multiplicity of Resonant Disruption

    16 November 2020 @ 10:00 am - 10:45 am

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    Multiplicity of Resonant Disruption: Act I Cacophony // Act II Envelopment 

    Curated by Raphael Daibert and Zachary Schoenhut, including works by Mavi Veloso and Ram Botero.

    Multiplicity of Resonant Disruption is a sound piece considering the insurrectionary force of sounds, voices, and reverberating forms of communication of trans/queer individuals across the world. In “Act I:Cacophony”, the multitude of sonic vibrations form languages of refusal that amplify the marginalized sonic-activist archives of Brazilian artist Mavi Veloso remixed with morse code and sounds of personal archives of the two curators. In “Act II: Envelopment”, recordings of Philipine trans activist,artist and filmmaker Ram Botero become sonic agents disrupting the colonial narrativity and modern racist grammar held in the material relics of European global expansion and domination. 

    Zachary Schoenhut and Raphael Daibert are two independent artists, researchers, and curators from Brussels and Berlin respectively. Both of their work focuses on decolonial projects that attempt to combat the forces of oppression that exist. Both have recently graduated from the Dutch Art Institute Masters in Art Praxis program in the Netherlands. Mavi Veloso is a Brazilian artist and performer living and working in Amsterdam, NL, whose work traverses the subjects of linguistics, queer performativity, and the trans experience.Ram Botero is a Philippine artist, activist, and filmmaker living in the Philippines whose work crosses between the intersections of performance, activism, and mythology. 




  • Buffer Zone

    16 November 2020 @ 10:45 am - 11:00 am

    more details

    Cucina Povera –  Avainsana from ‘Hilja’ (6:41)


  • Radio Kapital: Kapital Gains Day 1 - Wojtek Kurek

    16 November 2020 @ 11:00 am - 11:30 am

    more details

    Kapitał Gains is a daily radio programme showcasing live performances by Polish and German sound and radio artists, curated and hosted by Knut Aufermann. Every day at noon CET (11am GMT) from 16th to 22nd of November 2020 a roster of acclaimed noise makers will present solo or duo concerts from their homes live for the radio audience. Today it is the turn of Wojtek Kurek, drummer and electronic performance artist from Warsaw.

    The second half of the show is dedicated to works from the international radio art network Radia. Kapitał Gains is a project by Goethe Institut and Radio Kapitał in Warsaw, with partner broadcasts on ∏-node in Paris and Radiophrenia in Glasgow.

    Artist biog:
    Wojtek Kurek – drummer, improviser, producer, theater music author. He released almost two dozen albums, including three solo albums in Poland, Portugal and USA with free impro music, electroacoustic improvisation and electronics. He prepares his instrument using synthesizers, max msp, pure data, arduino and effects.

    Web links:
    http://www.wojtekkurek.com/     Wojtek Kurek
    https://www.goethe.de/warschau    Goethe Institut Warsaw
    https://radiokapital.pl/    Radio Kapitał


  • Nina Queissner - Sound Ecology Part 1

    16 November 2020 @ 11:30 am - 11:45 am

    more details

    I was born in Germany and moved to France six years ago. I first studied humanities. After
    volunteering for several months at a local and non-commercial radio (l’Eko des Garrigues) I
    decided to shift to Fine Arts and integrated the Conservatory’s electro-acoustic music class
    to concentrate on music and sound within the field of Art. I graduated in 2019 from the
    Higher National Academy for Fine Arts in Bourges (ENSA) and in 2020 from the International
    Post-Graduate Program in Arts in Sound in Ghent, Belgium @ KASK/Conservatorium (EPAS). I am currently living and working in France. My artistic work is based on the exploration of the esthetic experience of sound and music. I use the technique of Field Recording and produce sound and video installations and performances. I frequently contribute my compositions and recordings to radio and cinema projects. Sometimes I work as a sound engineer for events such as concerts, theater shows or radio programs. Currently I am working with an environmental biologist with whom we founded the Observatory of the Hole in Deep Time that aims to analyze the links between Sound and Biodiversity in the Anthropocene era.


  • Buffer Zone

    16 November 2020 @ 11:45 am - 12:00 pm

    more details

    ROY CLAIRE POTTER and KIERON PIERCY – Adjrust from ‘Conversations with the Anthony Burgess Cassette Archives’ (2:54)


    Double Goocher Shop – una grammatica dell’ornamento (10.00)



  • Cucina Povera - The Healer

    16 November 2020 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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    Cucina Povera is the solo project of Luxembourgish-Finnish musician Maria Rossi. It has been described as one of the most striking new voices from Glasgow’s underground music scene. Named after the Italian culinary concept which emphasises the use of a few simple ingredients, Cucina Povera conjures gorgeous, otherworldly songs about nourishment and precarity from layered vocals and electronics. Live, her music unfolds beautifully, as beguiling melodies emerge from harmonic drones and looped phrases. Recordings blend clear, unaffected voice and minimal synth. She released her debut album, Hilja, 2018 on Glasgow’s Night School Records. Her second album Zoom 2019 is a verité collection of situational recordings in intimate spaces full of acoustic or ideological intrigue, primarily using just her voice. It is a document of different locations and moods, a postcard-look into the stream-of-consciousness processes of an artist developing her language. Using little else other than a Zoom recorder, clip-top bottle and a loop pedal. In Zoom Rossi’s minimalism is fully stark, a process becomes transparent and all the more powerful because of it. 2020 has also seen the artist come into her own as a highly effective collaborator, with two different releases on which she recorded music alongside another artist. The first of these collaborations came in the form of her joint-release on The Hague-based label BAKK, alongside experimental Dutch producer Haron, for the sixth edition of their Plafond series. The release brings together the folkloric and the futurist, with the cinematic long-form piece ‘Riffittelyä’ a particular highlight.

    For Radiophrenia 2020, Rossi proposes a new body of work, produced at the music studio WORM in Rotterdam. The theme once again riffs on a favourite, asceticism. Simplistic synthlines interweave with a text. The work has gathered momentum over the past months of creative stasis, and it seeks to pass a sentiment of strength-in-introspection onwards.




  • Shorts 8

    16 November 2020 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

    more details

    1. Gregory Kramer – Here Comes No-Body

    A visit from a shadow at the edge of dusk; a soundtrack to itself composed with field recordings, contact mic objects, radio transmissions and synthesizer.

     Gregory Kramer is a multidisciplinary artist and musician working with sound and space. Taking inspiration from his archaeological curiosity of abandoned places, he seeks ghosts among the ruins and unearths evidence of forgotten histories through sound. He composes with field recordings, found materials,and electronics, sometimes extending into installations. His work is currently in AUDIOSPHERE, an exhibition at Museo Centro de Arte Reina Sofia and was featured in Belgium’s Site Specific, Mexico’s SONOM International Sound Art Festival and Bali’s Setia Darma Museum of Masks and Puppetry. He has album releases on Taâlem, Pharmafabrik, Monotype Series, Impulsive Habitat, and SONMArchive.


    2.     Elen Huynh & Mark Vernon – Au ciel sans fin

    3.     Lisa Fabian and Matt Robin – Current Clap

    This sound collage is looking at clapping as a collective social ritual. Clapping is a natural and impulsive gesture for humans, which has been coded into different social and cultural etiquettes over many decades.The collected material is investigating a variety of crowds in different contexts from different locations in the world in 2020. Through juxtaposing these very different crowds and by somewhat blurring their contexts, the piece aims at highlighting the undifferentiated nature of clapping.

    Matt Robin is a current master’s student in Sound for the Moving Image at GSA. Lisa Fabian is an artist based in Glasgow predominantly working in sound, video and performance.

    Lisa Fabian is an artist based in Glasgow predominantly working in sound, video and performance.

    4. Ivor Kallin – Sangs of Bute, Eh? R09_0087

    From a collection of 51 improvised ‘songs’ on the piano, (which I can’t play). They were recorded in a cottage on Bute, which just happened to have a piano, and I’d brought my voice with me

    5. Andy Sim & Carolyn Scott – Considered Cargo

    Gathered from 18th and 19th century records, journals, diaries and letters, Considered Cargo is a sound work giving a brief insight into the involvement that the North East of Scotland, and in particular Montrose, had in the historic slave trade.

    It was produced in 2015 by Carolyn Scott and Andy Sim, who met while studying for an MFA and a MSC in Media Arts and Imaging, respectively, at Duncan of Jordanstone College ofArt and Design, Dundee University. Since Graduating in 2010  they have collaborated on half a dozen projects, all with a lean to the documentary.Often showing work as an installation, that may include film, audio,and projected images along with contemporary and sourced archival photographs in the presentation.


    6. Alex Bell – Spiral of Silence

    This soundscape is a commentary on the ideology of free speech, compared with the modern social media reality. It reflects on the personal risk assumed when expressing opinions contrary to the mainstream. “Spiral of silence” is a sociology theory which describes how society can exclude outlier beliefs; and how individuals are silenced as they become isolated.

    We follow a character on a journey from freedom of expression towards self-censorship. She travels through crowd scenarios to arrive in a noise-absorbing cell, hearing only the sounds of her own body, realizing that she is dismissed, unheard and alone.

    Alex trained as a classical musician, performing and composing with orchestras and rock bands, before becoming an engineer. Originally from Belfast, she lived and worked around theworld before settling in Scotland. Passionate about travel, Alex has expeditioned on all continents and sailed the Atlantic and Arctic oceans. Now combining artistic and technical skills with her globetrotting experiences, Alex explores the interface of art, science, place and sound; with interests in synaesthesia and the impact of emerging immersive technologies on physiology and psychology.She loves the sea and describes herself as a contrarian.


  • Theater Between Addresses - The Canary by Abigal Weaver

    16 November 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

    more details

    Intergenerational trauma, postmemory, and ladies in space. On a mission a parsec and a half from the sun, A navigator, a biologist and a computer have to renegotiate their relationships to each other and their homeland when they lose their last anchor to earth and become unmoored from time.

    Abigail Weaver is an emerging playwright and translator based in Northampton MA. With a background in Yiddish studies, she looks to a history ofcultural resistance to develop a response to the perpetual crisis. 

    She is continuing to make radio plays and more with the new collective Theater Between Addresses.


  • Soft Tissue - AC Projects Residency live from Creative Lab CCA Glasgow

    16 November 2020 @ 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm

    more details

    In their AC Projects/Creative Lab Residency, soft tissue will spend time developing a new performance and recording setup.

    Exploring the visual programming environment in MAX/MSP, they will work with pre-recorded samples, micro-amplification, digital feedback and autonomous sound-producing objects to create a system in which sounds emerge through a process of gradual interaction and transformation. Through developing a lo-fi network of amplification, they will consider alternatives to traditional Stereo PA or high-tech surround sound as a way to distribute sounds in a non-centralised way.

    soft tissue is the collaborative practice between Glasgow-based artists and musicians Feronia Wennborg and Simon Weins. They both work interdisciplinary with a focus on sound, and have exhibited and performed solo and collaborative work in the UK and internationally. Recent projects include a tape release on London-based label Penultimate Press (s/t, 2019), an audio-visual commission for West Den Haag (Leaks, 2020) and a commission for Radiophrenia (it, still, 2020).

    Their new commission for Radiophrenia can be heard on Wednesday 18th at 6pm and 12pm on Thursday 19th.


  • Roy Claire Potter & Kieron Piercy - Three Sweep Between

    16 November 2020 @ 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

    more details

    In making Three Sweep Between, their new commission for Radiophrenia 2020, Roy Claire Potter and Kieron Piercy had meltdowns; it’s not an easy time to make work. They used a terraced house layout to build and inform their interrelated recording and writing process, which brings synthesised and manipulated sounds together with visual descriptions to reimagine a total shithole’s lost potential.

    Roy Claire Potter is an interdisciplinary artist mainly making written texts and performances. Kieron Piercy makes audio composition, improvisation and installation. Between them they have audio released by SubRosa, Chocolate Monk, FortEvilFruit, Harbinger Sound and Porta.
    They are tired.


  • Rose Ruane with David O'Flynn and Suzie Ferguson - Naming The Orphans

    16 November 2020 @ 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

    more details

    By: Rose Ruane with David O’Flynn and Suzie Ferguson

    Written, directed and produced By Rose Ruane with additional material by David O’Flynn and Suzie Ferguson

    The narrator is performed by Suzi Ferguson

    Original music and sound design by Rose Ruane and Local Teenagers with additional material by Suzie Ferguson.

    Naming the Orphans interweaves creative non-fiction, archive footage and interviews with field recordings and music composed from vocal and instrumental responses to The Adamson Collection; works created in the UK’s first art therapy group, by individuals compelled to live at Netherne asylum during the mid-20th Century. Employing radio’s singular ability to invoke present and past simultaneously, it is equal parts poem,soundscape and documentary. The narrator’s identity mutates, timestreams interpolate, converging and diverging through a drawing of a house, surfacing a lost and found visual collection through audio collage and transmissions from the static of a history riddled with lacunae.

    Rose Ruane is a writer,visual artist and Glasgow University PhD candidate, exploring The Adamson Collection through creative writing. Her debut novel This Is Yesterday was published by Corsair in November 2019.

    David O’Flynn is chair of the Adamson Collection Trust and is on the board of Bethlem Gallery. He is a psychiatrist working at Lambeth and Maudsley hospitals.

    Suzie Ferguson is a clown, theatre maker and artistic director of Hearts and Minds; an arts in health charity that brings human connection, laughter and joy to those who need it most through the art of therapeutic clowning. “


  • Shorts 20T

    16 November 2020 @ 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm

    more details

    1. MISC – Exquisite Corpse

    The piece is a project formed around a technique born from the French Surrealist movement, where individual artists are asked to create a continuation of a prior segment of work without being able to see the entire scope of the piece with which they are working. Recorded separately during lockdown, our group wished to explore this concept by transcribing to sonic approaches, where each contributor can only hear the previous participants 20 second segment, attempting to maintain some element of musical balance, which is where the real interest lies.

    MISC is a Manchester based collaborative focused on interactive methods within composition. We are primarily composed of musicians working within the field of electronic music and synthesis, but not exclusively. The group originated from a series of monthly sessions where Manchester based musicians would convene to share new music that they had discovered to experience the listening process collectively.

    2. Leeza Negelev – Under the Apple Tree

    “Under the Apple Tree”recounts the moment that my Grandfather, Bentsin Shoykhet, first learned of the second World War. He was sleeping under the shade of an apple orchard with his kindergarten classmates in the small town of Tomashpol, Ukraine. Lying there,he imagines the trees are growing out of the sky. His grandmother arrives early to pick him up, saying the war has begun. My Grandfather hears Yury Levitan on the radio, known then as the “the voice of the war”. He recalls Levitan’s words, and the audio goes back and forth between his memories and the actual announcement. 

    Leeza Negelev was born in New York City in 1986, and lives and works in Atlanta, GA. She hails from a Soviet Jewish family most recently from Uzbekistan. Her work explores the materiality of migration and assimilation. She utilizes the symbols, styles, and bright palette of traditional Russian art and folktales,in conversation with a more intuitive and tactile approach to painting. Leeza is pursuing her MFA in visual art at the Welch School of Art and Design at Georgia State University.

    3. Carlos Arteaga – Crosstalk

    In electronics, crosstalk is any phenomenon by which a signal transmitted on one circuit or channel of a transmission systems creates an undesired effect in another recruit of channel”.
    Crosstalk was created with the objective to hinder the explicit and implicit messages of the FM radio. The process intended to destroy the myth of frequency modulation transmission, and to decrypt the subliminal and impressive signals on which our commercial radio is encoded. The direction in which the communication flows will remain unknown.

    I am interested in music, sound art, and more specifically non-cochlear sonic art. I have a couple academic credentials on the subject, but more importantly I feel like I have grown to understand myself through sound and music. For the past few years I’ve been interested in challenging my comfort with sustained sound. Now, I mostly think of pointillism, controlled
    instability, and morphology as different approaches when working with sound.

     IG is @statendivision

    4. Thomas Leyland Collins – Lockdown Love Songs Vol II.

    5. Holbeck Still – Sound Laboratory: Atomic Landscapes: Photon Ballet

    Holbeck, Still is an audio artist based in Surrey,UK.  The Holbeck, Still style fuses thick analog electronic sound design with unique captures of traditional instrumental tones.  This is compounded by a fascination for exploring the limits of the stereo field, whilst incorporating elements of randomness and imperfection.  He utilises a range of techniques that include field recordings, vintage tape machines, sampling and cutting-edge synthesis.  The resulting works are cinematic,complex soundscapes. 




    6.  Lucie McLaughlin & Chris Penty -Sol’em-nit-e

    Sol’em-nit-e is a poem and sound space, created using recordings in both public and private places. Drips and drops from the boiler or kitchen meet the intermittent tuning of church organs to display a writing in sound which unravels throughout the breathy prose of a mind wandering. The thoughts heard here are at once intimate and also empty, the air whispering from sites where we meet, collectively, but are often alone. 

    Lucie McLaughlin is an interdisciplinary artist and writer from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Her work has been published in Faultline Journal of Arts and Letters, California, performed at Raven Row, London and exhibited at Lily Robert Gallery, Paris. She is currently on the MLitt Art Writing at Glasgow School of Art.

    Chris Penty Alvarez is a London based musician, sound artist and filmmaker. He has shown work at the Sheffield Doc Fest and Whitechapel Gallery and is currently working on a number of collaborative music projects.


    7. Jean Francois Cavro – Berck: Sound Portraits

    4 portraits of Refugees – Berck – France 2019
    Prabagaran family from Sri Lanka
    Lasha from Georgia
    Bismillah from Afghanistan
    Mitra from Iran

    Il est diplômé du Conservatoire National de Région de Lyon (CNR – classe de Denis Dufour) et du Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Lyon (CNSM – classe de Philippe Manoury et Denis Lorrain), en composition instrumentale, électroacoustique et informatique musicale. Il a également suivi le cursus de DEA musicologie du XXième siècle à l’IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et de Coordination Acoustique/Musique – Paris. Il est titulaire d’un Master II Musicologie Recherche – mémoire de Master sur les représentations sonores urbaines.



  • Radio Continental Drift - This is a radio bridge across the Zambezi and across the world

    16 November 2020 @ 4:30 pm - 5:40 pm

    more details

    Description:“This is a radio-bridge across the Zambezi and across the world…” interweaves sound- and radio recordings made by the women of Zubo Trust and Zongwe FM in the border regions of Zambia and Zimbabwe with music- and radio contributions of international artists, composers and musicians from Australia to Canada. The basket-weaving artistry of Tonga women is renowned globally; yet hardly their stories and voices. This is a journey on sounds, storytelling and music to remote areas in rural Zimbabwe and Zambia, in to the circles of the weavers, the studio of ZongweFM and to the first and only women fishing cooperative on Kariba Lake.
    first broadcast by Kunstradio 2019:


    radio continental drift a “broad casting house in the bag of a listener”, founded by Claudia Wegener in the streets of Johannesburg in 2005. radio continental drift connects local producers, communities and organisations of artists or activists across borders in correspondence of listeners, e.g. in South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, UK, Germany. Local audio/ radio projects include training and develop their own infrastructure. projects aim to pass the skills of digital production and tools of distribution to the hands of the storytellers themselves. field-recordings archived under cc license with the invitation to global listeners to explore and use the audio.


    radio continental drift a broad casting house in the bag of a listener out to here unheard voices
    a branch of the growing networks of sound workers, audio artists, radio communities, and the street corner academies of listening and broadcasting around the world radio is happening
    when people loiter in public places the air is free!



  • Buffer Zone

    16 November 2020 @ 5:40 pm - 6:00 pm

    more details

    Léa Boudreau  – Quatre Machines Pour Sauver Le Monde (12:43)

    In January 2019, young students from Jean-Baptiste-Meilleur elementary school in Montréal took part in a little brainstorm : to imagine fantastic machines under the theme « Quatre machines pour sauver le monde » (Four machines to save the world). Based on their suggestions, I composed this piece, expressing with sound and music the devices thought out by the youngsters but also their surrounding environment. The work is divided into four parts which respect the original titles given by the schoolchildren (translated from french) :
    1- A flying machine that functions with pollution and turns it into fresh air
    2- An animal-shaped robot-machine to save homeless animals that live on the street
    3- A machine to send all the snow falling here to the North Pole so it doesn’t melt anymore
    4- A machine-boat-submarine to clean the oceans

    Léa Boudreau is a composer and musician based in Montréal. She has nourished a
    passionate relationship with sound since her teenage years, a time when she would spend
    days on end as a hermit, listening and creating… oh, how little things have changed!
    Nowadays, she continues to create in the realms of performance and composition, driven
    by a desire to explore the infinite sonic possibilities of everyday objects.
    She has received several awards in recent years: the 2nd prize JTTP 2020 and the 3rd prize
    in JTTP 2019 from the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC), the 3rd place in SIME
    2019 competition (Lille University), the Marcelle Prize 2019 (Université de Montréal) and
    the 3rd Hugh Le Caine Prize (SOCAN Foundation) in 2017. Her works have been
    performed in concert in numerous cities around the world.

    Nika Son – Rhubarb from ‘To Eeyore’ (3:12)



  • Double Goocher Shop - Radio Carrion

    16 November 2020 @ 6:00 pm - 6:40 pm

    more details

    The early 1940’s. Several unconnected people from various locations disappear. They somehow became stuck in a radio field. Since then, the inhabitants of this interference space have had to readjust their social behaviours, re-evaluate their ethics, find a way to live despite disembodiment. Cultural practices have mutated within the magnetic field, including those of burial and remembrance for the dead. During short wave radio explorations, Double Goocher Shop unintentionally captured EVP interactions with these inhabitants. The stereophonic artefact produced by the duo for Radiophrenia explores an anthropological hoax via the metaphysical features of spherics, veering voltages, static electromagnetism, and ghost voice hunting.

    How to bury a body without a body?


    Cello: Elise Harmsen 

    Hand Bells: Stefano Costanzo 

    Upright Piano: Jacopo D’Amico 


  • Alexandra Spence - bell, fern

    16 November 2020 @ 6:40 pm - 7:00 pm

    more details

    Bell, fern explores my ongoing fascination in the animation and translation of material and object through sound. It was developed in and inspired by a residency period spent in Hong Kong, 2019. And is to be released on Room40 later this year, mastered by Lawrence English.
    gauzy construction cloth in green, yellow, white and blue
    it swells and ripples in the wind.
    bamboo scaffolding – somehow more obvious
    organic against inorganic material.
    lush, vibrant green baby ferns, small and waving in the breeze
    a necessary softness after all the hard concrete.
    flashing orange construction lights
    orange against the hazy night time, luminous blue.
    piles of rubble and floating plastic line the beaches
    dusty grey, white, monotonous and bright, candy colours.

    Alexandra Spence is an artist and musician from Sydney, Australia. She makes installations, compositions and performances based on (everyday) sound and listening. Through her practice she attempts to reimagine the intricate relationships between the listener, the object, and the surrounding environment as a kind of communion or conversation. She has a current, near-spiritual, obsession with the animation of material and object through sound. Alex has performed and presented work on radio, in concerts, festivals, symposiums and galleries worldwide, and has two releases: Waking, She Heard The Fluttering, with Room40, and Immaterial, withLongform Editions.

    Instagram/Twitter: alxandraspence


  • Shorts 9I

    16 November 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 7:30 pm

    more details

    1. – Action PyramidThe Twa Mice

    Using recordings I made while working both on a remote croft on the Shetland island of Foula and during a shift at a London cafe I wanted to attempt to offset the consumerist world of the average metropolitan city dweller against the reality of the working life of a shepherd tending to his flock. By combining these two quite disparate worlds and types of labour I am looking to examine the invisible nature of many processes regarding animal products, and the consumption of them, as well as depicting the facts of life around the creation of both wool and meat.

    NB: While creating this work I decided to incorporate some sounds of the home slaughter and butchering of a sheep, and while perhaps this makes parts of the work not the easiest listen I decided it was necessary to maintain the integrity of the piece as it serves as an illustration of a certain ‘grass roots’ working reality.

    Often working under the moniker Action Pyramid,Tom Fisher’s practice involves using sound and composition to re-examine and reconsider our surroundings, our part in the wider ecologies of landscapes and how we can think about themes such as ‘environment’ and the relationships between the human and non-human.     

    His work has been featured at LUX, the Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Cafe Oto, The Grant Museum of Zoology, London Transport Museum, the Fjuk Art Center and Husavik Whale Museum in Iceland, as well as on Resonance Fm, Radio Anti, Radiophrenia, and as part of Open City DocumentaryFestival.


    2. Phoebe McIndoe – You May have Loved                         

    [‘You may have loved, at least once, surely?’. A woman sits in cafe, looks back over her life,
    re-analysing her story.]

    3. Ivor KallinSangs of Bute, Eh? R_09_0100  

    From a collection of 51 improvised ‘songs’ on the piano, (which I can’t play). They were recorded in a cottage on Bute, which just happened to have a piano, and I’d brought my voice with me.

    4. Seth GabrielssonLens Elements                                   

    ‘Lens Elements’ is a sonic interpretation of the way a lens transmits light to a sensor or film stock.Lenses have unique characteristics and seem to impose their own version of reality onto what is meant to be a cold reproduction of image. The piece manipulates a single clarinet, a lens of sound, to create a dense on often hypnotised sound world. 

    Seth Gabrielsson is a composer and filmmaker from Sydney, Australia. His film and sound work explores the materiality of forms, acoustic sound, and celluloid film. He has composed for narrative film, radio theatre, and installation works, as well experimenting with his own short art films and audiovisual works.Currently studying composition at the Conservatorium of Music in Sydney. 


    5. SweaetshopsAn introdoctrination to We Eagerly Await Your Complete Submission 6

    Have you got X? That certain “something”?Have you been biding “your time”? Do you just want to be “up there”? You know you do. You have always known. We have always known and in all ways known. Your dreams. Your deepest desires. Your moment. We are here to take you there on the  next step.

    We Eagerly Await Your Complete Submission is an ongoing multidisciplinary work about the parallels between the rhetoric of religious cults and reality TV. Created from a mixture of audition tapes,self-help cassettes and show business jargon.

    Sweætshops®is a multipersonality“conglomerate” and multidisciplinary artist, whose practise is focused on creating allegory out of the waste of 21st century capitalism using sound and performance. Their name is a portmanteau of the two extremes of our current era. They hold a sonic arts MMus, are the 2019 recipient of the BUZZCUT Emerging Artist Award and have been both banned from the Edinburgh Fringe and simultaneously legally married/divorced for Brexit. They have played various festivals including Listen Again and Meadows Festival. Their work has also been featured on compilations by various labels including Viole tComet and Dead Hound Records. 


    6. Hannah Roberts – From The Bottom of My Heart       

    This is a piece of sound art performed in the Welsh language that explores the nature and physicality of the heart in its human box. Best experienced with headphones.

    Text translation: The batteries of life. She sits in a box, blood thirsty. She is the mistress of the pulse – a slave to the rhythm. Torrents of blood rush through her chambers colouring the human box. Her metallic current feeds the iron framed core. With her stresses and strains, she is not broken. Bio-engineered perfection.

    7. Vincent Eoppolo – Theatre of Consciousness      

    Work inspired by the chance photography of my cousin Robert Mahon. Specifically the collection entitled “Mata Durga” copyright 2001.

    This is part of a collection of works are 2 track fixed media compositions realized in2019-2020.  The works were created using various techniques and technologies such as analogue modular, FM and granular synthesis as well as field recordings and samples. All works were recorded in my studio Gallerie Sonore. The collection I am presenting for consideration in this years Radiophrenia are largely reflective works exploring spirituality and the search for self.

    My works are a synthesis of various sound art traditions such as musique concrete, acousmatic music, electro-acoustic music and radio art.  My works have been presented at the New YorkCity Electro-Acoustic Music Festival, the Bushwick Open Studio Festival in Brooklyn , Utopie Sonore in Nantes, France and De Natura Sonorum in Rome,Italy. Many of my compositions have been featured on radio programs in Scotland, France, Italy, Canada, Ireland and the USA.


  • The Lake Radio - Works for Radio 2020 selections

    16 November 2020 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

    more details

    Danish web radio station, ‘The Lake’ present a collection of pieces sent in to their annual competition – ‘Works for Radio’. All of the following pieces were either prize recipients or received honourable mentions.

    PRIZE RECIPIENT Daniela Solis – Sounds from uncomfortable women 

    PRIZE RECIPIENT Adriana Knouf – A Trans Woman Reads the Harvard Sentences, with Necessary Modifications, or, Finding Occult Queer Futurities 

    PRIZE RECIPIENT Jasmina Al-Qaisi – A Walking Scientist 

    PRIZE RECIPIENT Yuka Nagamatsu – Needle Work 

    HONORABLE MENTION Guillaume Loizillon – Micro Stories 

    HONORABLE MENTION Beth Bramich – A Scaffold of Weak Stone 

    HONORABLE MENTION Ekin Bozkurt – Tranquilising My Monster 

    HONORABLE MENTION Elen Huynh – Fenêtre Du Matin (souvenirs) 

    HONORABLE MENTION Emilie Birket-Smith – Sværmeri 

    HONORABLE MENTION Francisco Godinez Galay – Clamors. Chile 2019 

    HONORABLE MENTION Future Perfect – Infinite Source 

    HONORABLE MENTION Kalle Vainio – Angel of Light 

    HONORABLE MENTION Louise Vind Nielsen – Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrzzzz I Am Radio 

    HONORABLE MENTION Marcela Lucatelli & Gianluca Elia – Den Feed’er 

    HONORABLE MENTION Mark Vernon – Ill Fitting Rooms 

    HONORABLE MENTION Markus Rom – Door To Door 


  • Shorts 14N

    16 November 2020 @ 9:30 pm - 10:00 pm

    more details

    1. Blanc Sceol – Shorelines

    This track is composed of field recordings made over the same weekend on different sides of the Atlantic. Voices, human and animal, call out from the redwood forests of Big Sur (California), the marshes of the Hoo peninsula (Kent), and the shorelines of Gravesend (Kent) and Santa Cruz (California). Foot steps mark a path across the land, a slow walk, shifting pebbles. Electricity bookends, beginning with pylon hum on the Hoo, ending in a moog drone from the original San Francisco Tape Music centre (Mills College). A lullaby plays out, connecting the threads of experience across time and space.

    Blanc Sceol (artists Stephen Shiell and Hannah White) work with sound in a performance and participatory practice. Their compositions and erformances are anchored in landscape but re-imagined into new territory,attentive to the vibrational nature of materials and surroundings. 

    2. Gregory Kramer – Coffin Cruising

    Coffin Cruising is a drone soundwork of short wave radio and keyboard sounds. Simmering and meditative, it evokes a desolate,post-civilization landscape of technological detritus, inspired by vintage science fiction films.

    Gregory Kramer is a multidisciplinary artist and musician working with sound and space. Taking inspiration from his archaeological curiosity of abandoned places, he seeks ghosts among the ruins and unearths evidence of forgotten histories through sound. He composes with field recordings, found materials,and electronics, sometimes extending into installations. His work is currently in AUDIOSPHERE, an exhibition at Museo Centro de Arte Reina Sofia and was featured in Belgium’s Site Specific, Mexico’s SONOM International Sound Art Festival and Bali’s Setia Darma Museum of Masks and Puppetry. He has album releases on Taâlem, Pharmafabrik, Monotype Series, Impulsive Habitat, and SONMArchive.


    3. David Moré – Olympia Action Airport

    A composition made from accumulated recordings made and manipulated while on break from my job stocking shelves overnight at a grocery store. Sources include an inexpensive world band radio purchased at the shop where I work, various electronic toys recorded in store, carts going by,streaming police radio broadcasts from Chicago (my hometown).

    David Moré relocated from Richmond, Virginia to Glasgow in October2019. The following month, his work as an art handler took him elsewhere, and he didn’t return till the end of February 2020. He then found a job at a small restaurant, which didn’t last long, and has since been working unsociable hours stocking shelves at a large grocery store. 

    4. Elen Huynh & Mark Vernon – The Unknown Shadow

    5. Becky Brewis – Oliver Twist Tries Podcasts

    Oliver Twist Tries Podcasts features recordings made in London in 2018,mainly on public transport. These are mixed with clips from the 1948 film Oliver Twist. The piece contrasts certain self help narratives with the daily reality of being part of society. It invites the listener to think about what is individual and what is shared. It’s also about the joy of being in a city surrounded by other people, in whose worlds you can become briefly immersed.The recordings were edited together during lockdown, when eavesdropping in crowded places seemed like a luxury belonging to a different age.

    Becky Brewis is an artist from London now based in Dundee. She re-handles autobiographical and historical images to explore how the past permeates and puts pressure on the present, psychologically and materially. In 2018-19she was artist in residence at the Centre for Philosophy and Visual Art at King’s College London. She was selected by Tina Keane for Visions in the Nunnery 2018, a biennial showcase of moving image, and was shortlisted for the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2017. She has been awarded residencies in Ireland, Finland, the Netherlands and at Dumfries House, Scotland and Hackney’s Space Studios, London. 

    beckybrewis.com       INSTAGRAM: @becky_brewis


  • Jude Browning - Virtue-is-sic Female Vocality

    16 November 2020 @ 10:00 pm - 11:00 pm

    more details

    Audio essay with recorded performances by Liv Fontaine and clips from a conversation between Jude Browning and Jessa Mockridge. Jessa discusses the agency of listening and her facilitation of a remote residency at Wysing this summer. The latter part of the programme shares an essay read by Jude, she reflects upon coaching the voice for modes of public address, early monologue performances by Karen Finley and posthuman scholar PatricIa MacCormack’s theory becomings cunt

    Liv Fontaine BIG BEEF STEAK, 2020. Part of a current collaboration of dance music with Dirk Brooks
    Liv Fontaine people pleaser, 2019. Featuring music by Ed Stevens recorded live at the Doublet (Glasgow). 
    Karen Finley – Yam Jam (Bonus Rap/Beat), 1988
    Karen Finley – It’s My Body (Live), 1996
    Karen Finley – Party Animal, 1989 

    Dr Jude Browning is an artist and researcher based in Glasgow. Her work explors methods of feminist performance that subvert Western conventions of the public address and recieved notions of embodied presence. She programmes live events for artists who co-constitutively use writing and performance, and foregrounds a queer feminist politics of language to activate alternative registers of giving voice to power. 

    Liv Fontaine is an artist based in Glasgow, UK. She works across performance, writing, video, illustration and photography. She is interested in private lives and pathological lies and particularly the space that exists between the performance and the personal.

    Her current work examines stock characters and familiar narratives relating to ‘The Woman on the Edge’. She focuses on the idea of hysteria and wild desperation as the only adequate response to society. Under the performance pseudonym VIV INSANE she creates live shows that attempt to challenge notions of patriarchal privileges and sexual stereotyping and the subsequent violence of these – all the while examining her own complicity in this total orgy of depravity.

    I’m an artist and writer (Cape Town) living in London. I work with print, performance, sound and moving image. I’m interested in the power dynamics of media in relation to bodies and a politics of listening; a feminist ear that can also be an eye, gut or fist. I am co-editor of PaperWork, an art writing print publication and event series.



  • Absolute Value of Noise & Anna Friz - Mechanical Velocities

    16 November 2020 @ 11:00 pm - 11:30 pm

    more details

    Absolute Value of Noise and Anna Friz team up to present a piece inspired by the speed and sounds of hummingbirds. Thinking about the interplay between organic and synthetic worlds, the artists play with field recordings, simulation and synthesis. The synthesizer tries to mimic the acoustic sound of the hummingbird, but ultimately ends up creating something different and imaginary, with both digital and mechanical movements. We imagine the meetings of these beings, organic, material, or algorithmic. How does our experience of the non-human world change when we try to listen and recreate it through sound and electronics? Sonic sources include cornet, hummingbirds, software simulator, Tetrax Organ, feedback box, analog electronics, and voice.

    Anna Friz and Absolute Value of Noise (Peter Courtemanche) are Canadian sound and radio artists. Anna Friz creates self-reflexive radio for broadcast, installation and performance. Her compositions reflect upon public media culture, environment and infrastructure (human and extra-human, acoustic, and electro-magnetic), time perception, and speculative fiction. Absolute Value of Noise creates radio and outdoor installations. He likes to work with “gadgetry” – custom turntables, lamp filaments, wire coils, high voltage ionizers, magnetic transceivers, and “little electronic brains” that observe and respond to local phenomena. His outdoor works are a comment on bio-diversity, extinction, and fragility.



  • Alex Jacobsen and Corbin Hirschhorn - Story of a Thief

    16 November 2020 @ 11:30 pm - 17 November 2020 @ 12:00 am

    more details

    A traveler visits the fabled City of Thieves in search of stories to help advance his career. As he

    documents his findings, the inhabitants gradually begin to steal from him. written and produced by Corbin Hirschhorn.
    Alex Jacobsen is a sound artist based in Omaha, NE, whose audio work focuses on the
    plasticity of sound and aims to connect us with environments and situations that exist outside

    of our current temporal-spatial experiences.
    Originally from New Jersey, Corbin Hirschhorn is a radio host, for KVNO at Omaha, Ne. His
    creative work draws inspiration from radio surrealist such as Joe Frank, and the aesthetic of
    80’s electronic music.


17 November 2020
  • Alex Jacobsen and Corbin Hirschhorn - Story of a Thief

    16 November 2020 @ 11:30 pm - 17 November 2020 @ 12:00 am

    more details

    A traveler visits the fabled City of Thieves in search of stories to help advance his career. As he

    documents his findings, the inhabitants gradually begin to steal from him. written and produced by Corbin Hirschhorn.
    Alex Jacobsen is a sound artist based in Omaha, NE, whose audio work focuses on the
    plasticity of sound and aims to connect us with environments and situations that exist outside

    of our current temporal-spatial experiences.
    Originally from New Jersey, Corbin Hirschhorn is a radio host, for KVNO at Omaha, Ne. His
    creative work draws inspiration from radio surrealist such as Joe Frank, and the aesthetic of
    80’s electronic music.